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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can confirm if cryopods an be deployed just before summoning Overseer in Alpha Tek Cave. Also, can manas be brought into Alpha Tek Cave? Just looking to see if anyone has tried Alpha Tek Cave with cryopods & manas...and possibly gigas (if that is even allowed to deploy in the cave) Thanks
  2. We did 4 people only. And we used 18 rexes, 1 yuty & a pig for healing. Gear not important but I tend to always bring a gas mask for manticore part, but it is not necessary if you have a bunch of med brews you can spam if you find yourself in trouble
  3. VERY true. If you go into your inventory when the timer counts down to transfer you into boss arena, you will NOT go into the arena. I used to always tell riders--dont do anything! Don't look in your inventory or the map....eat and drink is fine, but just stay still while the counter counts down LOL
  4. I just wanted to reply to my own topic in case anyone is looking for a definitive answer. For alpha rag boss fight, only the person initiating the boss fight needs to be level 90 or higher, and then riders going in don't have to be. My friend was level 74 & was able to get into the fight with no issues. So I just wanted to confirm this.
  5. Is there any reference confirming this in any of these forums? Really don't want to try this fight if the 1 person who needs to get in CANT
  6. Hello, I know that the alpha boss fight for Ragnarok requires the player level to be 90 or higher. BUT, I believe this is only mandatory for the person doing the boss summon. I need clarification on the the level of the riders entering the fight. Can they be less than 90 as long as the person doing the boss summon is 90 or higher? I have had friends who had gone into these fights as lower level characters to unlock engrams, but this was awhile ago now. My dear friend & tribemate lost his main character due to a rollback, and he is level 75. We need to unlock engrams for him. If I am level 120, and i initiate the boss summon, will he be able to do the boss fight on rag for alpha fight? Thanks
  7. Thank you so much for that advice, it sounds solid to me so I will try it shortly and then update you here to let you know what I found out. I texted my tribemate to warn him too since he put his body to sleep on abberation lol Fingers crossed here, and I REALLY appreciate the quick reply as well. I find these forums VERY helpful
  8. Yeah, I am going to try this for sure. So do I HAVE to go to a server that I do NOT have character on? And if I see my lvl 100 character on the server, should I download it to that map? Sorry for the questions. Just scared to screw something up here. Hahaha. I have to get nameless venom soon.
  9. Hello, I did originally look at that thread but not entirely so I will re-read through it in 20 mins and PRAY there is an answer. I wanted to go to sleep but now I have to worry about these Drakes. LOL I will report back to let you know if my problem is solved. Thanks in the meantime for the quick reply.
  10. Hello, I play on all Ark maps. Today, I hatched some Drake eggs on my abberation server. After awhile, I went back to my Island server to check on things, then I needed to go onto my Ragnarok server to feed our dinos there, then I went back to the Island. And THEN I realized I should go back to abberation to do a venom run for the Drakes. So I go to my transmitter and select my abb server, and highlight my server and choose the option to JOIN WITH SURVIVOR but nothing happens. At all. I have NOTHING in my inventory. I have logged out of the game and back in and same issue. What is going on?!?!?? I am wondering if I jumped servers with my main character too much within a short timeframe, does that kinda add a cooldown to my character?!?! HELP! Thanks
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