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  1. Many colors are dark...we had purple the last 2 events. It is one of my faves but we had purples the last 2 events. I really wanted lemon lime to make an appearance. It is mix of yellow and lime, both colors which are very common to xmas. Lots of dark colors....actual black would have been nice though (I like the coal idea lol)
  2. Agreed--last year was the most toxic greedy crap I ever saw on ALL servers. I have all maps & all of them filled w greedy ppl. Xmas event brings out the worst in ppl. I wish chibis didnt come in drops.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone can confirm if cryopods an be deployed just before summoning Overseer in Alpha Tek Cave. Also, can manas be brought into Alpha Tek Cave? Just looking to see if anyone has tried Alpha Tek Cave with cryopods & manas...and possibly gigas (if that is even allowed to deploy in the cave) Thanks
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