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  1. Gdude45678

    Please Make a New Elamental for extinction

    Your right, but they based it off the rock elemental and has same move pool, if it breathed fire or spat lava yea, but no, so I personally dont count it as a fire elemental
  2. Gdude45678

    Turkey Trials 2018

    They could at least make commands for spawning the dodorex/wyvern work on console for player run servers
  3. Gdude45678

    Please Make a New Elamental for extinction

    Following this definition, rock elemental (high health/resist and damage) the titans are like elementals (forest/life, air, ice). Id personally love to see either a fire elemental (high damage and stam, but ability to increase resistance after causing x-damage but otherwise squishy) or a water elemental (high stam and health normal resist, low damage, but able to kick out near constant dps) just ideas though
  4. Gdude45678

    Cryopod Team

    Hm slave prob would be an argi or mantis
  5. Gdude45678

    Mods for console

    If they wanted to, just an idea, create a sponsered mod workshop (like what bethesda did with fallout 4) and have pre-decided mods in there and they have the largest mods in there (s+, dragon punk, crystal isles, etc)
  6. Gdude45678

    Cryopod Team

    My team (basing it more like pokemon rather than ark[could be single or double battle]) Rock elemental - wall giga - wall breaker yuty - status inflicter Tek rex - tank reaper - heavy tank wyvern - sweeper
  7. Gdude45678

    Extinction Release Megathread

    Except for xbox and playstation
  8. Gdude45678

    A much needed TLC

    For me its in a weird place, its got the power and strength of an apex, but it can be countered to easily with a half decent shotgun or an ok rex. If they were gonna keep it the way it is, re-work it to where it could damage turrets(they count as a stone structure if i remember correctly), make it harder to tame(make a new tranq dart for it or only be impacted by shock tranqs) or require a much larger amount(from current 632 prim crossbow arrows upto at least 1264 prim crossbow arrows) and rework the rage to be harder to activate but still doable (like %health after imprint resist (maybe armor but only to certain amount, maybe 75?) but exclude yuty shouts) just feels like the giga now is more of a clean up crew like the arthro rather than something that can fight for extended periods of time (like rex)
  9. Gdude45678

    Whats your most feared creature

    My most feared creature is homo sapien sycophantam due to their unpredictable nature, penchant for trolling, meshing, insiding/bluetagging, and all around unsporting behavior
  10. I think its them realizing their game was going down and their trying to fix the game before it fails
  11. Gdude45678

    Breeding Projects

    on unofficial pvp, my breeding projects are gigas, brontos(both battle and soaker), rexes, and quetzals(transport and war). Got some good ones, and no one touches me cause im chill and they dont want to be hit hard
  12. While this would be very nice, I have never seen a bird walk backward mammals and some lizards, yes, but birds, no
  13. Gdude45678

    Earthquakes fix tame cap and pillaring

    like the idea, but implement it differently, use the earthquakes to only damage foundations, pillars connected to the ground, or structures placed on the ground. but if on a platform, it is not impacted by this change
  14. Gdude45678

    MEGAZORD (Tek Battle Quetz)

    Box front off, have back open, but have ramp covering it and turrets inside where quetz is and some front, heavy back
  15. Gdude45678

    Scorched Earth deserve Rework

    And plus since its imcomplete, it shouldnt be may work on it, it should be will work on it