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  1. Gdude45678

    Will Extinction be released on schedule?

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Id love it if it came out on the date they announced it, but im not truely expecting it until much later due to past experience
  2. Typing comment instead of writing a new post lol
  3. Gdude45678

    Wild baby dinos

    It would be nice, i know there is a mod for that (adds dino nests and babies can spawn) but that would introduce a whole new slew of mechanics. If you imprinted on an herb dino when parents were around, would parents aggro on you, etc
  4. Empty right now so no contest on who is top
  5. Gdude45678

    creatures Griffin

    Loving the idea, but i feel that thats more on the rag developers side
  6. The more the merrier I gotta say, and if one of the admins are on, events happen
  7. Come join in on the fun, its a nitrado server, pvp, aberration dinos do spawn in, working on slowly modifying loot crate tables, instant unlocks Stats are along the lines of boosted (player ranging from 2-4 mult, dino is 1.25) tame mult is 20, wild 300s good admins, hope you join in and have fun😀 😀
  8. Gdude45678

    Submachine guns, saddle attachments

    what i want is a mini gun (high rate of fire and heavy weapon that uses either advanced pistol ammo or a new ammo) to give high health and high weight a big buff in a battle situation. Balancing it out could be at most a 500 round barrel and smallest amount be 100 and make it a new version of the rocket launcher but with varying levels of quality
  9. Server name is Fallen Ark, right now it is on aberration, however it is set up to be a cluster so you can download and upload dinos from the map to various areas of the map. FAQ (from xbox) 1 - Is it pvp: Yes............ 2 - What Map is it: Aberration 3 - Is there infinite weight: Yes 4 - What are the stats: player is by 3 except for speed, crafting skill and fortitude, dinos are 1.25, taming 20, hatch 10, mature 30 5 - Is there cave damage: Yes 6 - Are there any tames that don't naturally spawn: yes 7 - Is there an admin shop: yes, currency is hard poly Any other questions direct to Gamerdude45678
  10. Gdude45678

    Tiered system for raiding

    I've always lived by the idea that you raid what your base is made of with some interchanges (metal raid tek, tek raid metal or metal raid stone with turrets, stone raid wood with a bunch of turret tames/plant x)
  11. Gdude45678


    When i was writing this it was late at night, but basically i think number 2 is the most confusing. When i wrote it i think for SOTF would only need 5 of each dino (herb and carno) so if it was herb, it would be parasaur, trike, stego, mammoth, bronto. And if it was a carnivore, it would be raptor, carno, allo, ptera, and rex. Ptera being optional and could be swapped out for something else hope it clears confusion
  12. Gdude45678


    Few ways in my opinion 1 make cosmetics for dinos a pay to get and doesnt transfer between version 2 cut down on dinos that are available in game (like 5 carnivores, 5 herbivores, with special events or seasonal dinos) 3 UPDATE THE CHARACTER MODEL
  13. Thanks, its greatly appreciated for the help
  14. Hey i was having trouble understanding on adding a tame into the spawn table, if this is in the wrong section, please move it admins. Basically I want to add lymantrias (moths) a very rare(like gigas on rag) spawn into the bioluminescent zone(blue) but im having trouble understand it. If someone is able to help me, it is greatly appreciated.