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  1. Its on PC. I even tried 0.01 and it doesnt stay like that either. Yesterday I had it on interval of 0 and it let me. My ark did an update and re installation, and now i cant even set my difficulty to 3, which isnt past max. It just doesnt let me change it from one. And the Mating Interval I try doing it right at 0.01, doesn't let me.
  2. Settings Help? Right, so I am trying to put setting in for my singleplayer server. I have been just fine setting everything to how it is now, except for my Difficulty and Mating interval? I set my difficulty to 10, and mating interval to 0, I log in. My rexs still have 2 hr cd when they should have NO cooldown. I log off. Difficulty is at one and then mating interval is at 1. Help! Why is it doing this??
  3. Its on official, hasn't Manticore been bugged since it came out?
  4. Big question Okay, so I have run the boss twice now with my tribe members on Valguero. We always got the element from the Broodmother and Megapithecus. The Manticore first of all doesn't ever land. Second of all, if we kill it in the air, we can not get the element. The body instantly dissapears. We get deinos on it when its close to ground and low, and then kill it, and no element. How are we supposed to get that element otherwise? Its needed, but its just going to waste!
  5. !SOLVED! So, I have somebody who pillared around where im building on my official server. (On one side) I was here first building, then they came up and started pillaring it. They are new to the server, but its frustrating as I was here. Ive used SO many mats on it and i will not restart. One of my tribe members told me its against the rules and considered griefing. What do I do??!
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