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  1. Auronspectre

    ps4 1 frame per 10 seconds?!!!

    Welcome to Ark for console.
  2. Auronspectre

    Sponsored Mods For PS4 ?

    This is an issue with Sony not Wildcard. Sony has an incredibly strict policy on downloadable mods/third-party software on its platform. It was hard enough for Bethesda to incorporate mods in Skyrim and Fallout 4, and they’re an established studio. Mods on Ark PS4 will 99% most-likely not come in our lifetime. Ever. EDIT: The only way for mods to come through Ark is through becoming part of the core game files such as Prim+. This is another difficult process that would have a better chance of becoming part of Ark 2 (if there ever is one) as opposed to Ark: Survival Evolved.
  3. Auronspectre

    Dink spawns low

    I’ve had a similar issue on my SP game on The Island. I just used the wipe dino command for the first time yesterday and saw immediate results that I wish I had done sooner. This command wipes all current wildo Dino’s (and Dino’s you’re in the process of taming) and generates a new batch of wild Dino’s. On PS4, L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle. This opens the admin commands (if enabled on your server). Then enter, “admincheat destroywilddinos” This worked for me, I hope you get the same results.
  4. Auronspectre

    [PS4] Using a SSD with Ark

    Does it make a difference? Would getting an SSD only affect the load screen and nothing else such as lag or rendering in the environment? Can anyone with a PS4 with an SSD comment. I’m using a PS4 Pro btw.
  5. Auronspectre

    XBOX TLC 2 electric new ARK

    Everyone on Xbox is so happy about the new update while PS4/PS4 Pro users are complaining about no difference/degraded performance. I am also one of the users experiencing worse lag/FPS drop around bases/Dino’s/inventory swaps and I’m on PS4 Pro. im happy for my Xbox brethren but I wish PlayStation players had the same quality of life upgrade.
  6. I wish I could relate to the performance that you’re speaking of. Ever since the patch release, I feel like the game is more laggy. Specifically, the delay between going into inventory/transferring items. However, I only play Singleplayer Splitscreen so I cant speak for Dedicated Servers. Im on a PS4 Pro for context.
  7. Hey, On Single-Player (splitscreen) it appears there is more lag now in the game, via interacting with Dino’s/inventory then there was prior to the TLC 2 update. I’m on a PS4 Pro. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  8. Is there any other additional hot fixes being applied for consoles that aren’t mentioned above? The 1-2 second lag delay when opening menus/transferring items to containers or Dino’s (especially in split-screen affecting both players) is nearly unplayable.
  9. Auronspectre

    [PS4] Tethering - Options Available

    Yeah I agree considering that this was an accidental option for players in the past before they removed it, and the fact that it wasn’t an issue performance wise for many players. My argument is that a PS4 Pro could handle it much better than a regular PS4. Perhaps different slider options for each system? Regardless I don’t like that my upgraded console being lumped in with a lesser performing system.
  10. Auronspectre

    [PS4] Tethering - Options Available

    Yeah I’ve read this elsewhere, but unfortunately I do not have another PS4 to be able to do so. But even still, I don’t believe it should resort to that to be able to play this game the way that so many players want to play it.
  11. Hey, So I recently purchased Ark on the PS4 (spring sale, 2018) and have a few questions I hope a dev could answer or provide some feedback for the future. For details, I play Ark on the PS4 Pro, couch co-op with my girlfriend. As it currently stands, there is a limited distance for tethering on non-dedicated servers and single player (co-op splitscreen). of 250m which is very low for an exploratory game. I have looked into renting a Nitrado dedicated server to play with friends and girlfriend (couch co-op/splitscreen) but it seems that this option is not available. I understand that having an adjustable slider to increase the tether distance may put some strain on the system hardware, but why is the PS4 Pro console under the same software umbrella as a PS4. The hardware upgrade within the Pro should be more reliable for hosting the system demands from the game, at least to a degree on increasing the radius if not eliminating it entirely. Secondly, why are players who rent a Nitrado rentable dedicated server not allowed to couch co-op. For my situation, all I want is a maximum of 4 players on my private server. If I’m dishing out the money, and it’s a player-rented server, why are these restrictions in place? My problem is as it stands, there has not been a solution for players that have the same issues that I am experiencing. With the recent sale of the game, the player base will significantly increase, thus the demand for solutions to these problems will drastically increase as well. Please Wildcard, address at least one of these issues in a hotfix. You’re really hurting the player base and introducing these solutions before putting out new content will create a larger player base and increase revenue. tldr; need to increase or eliminate radius of tethering in co-op, PS4 Pro should not have same limitations as PS4, private rented Nitrado servers should allow co-op splitscreen