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  1. That option to remove the tether has only ever existed on PC. Since you don't have a spare xbox have you considered renting a server from Nitrado? 13$ a month buys you a 10 slot server that will do you just fine. Also if you own a win 10 pc you own the win 10 variant of the game. If you enable crossark play you can use your computer to dedi host for you.
  2. Just as a stupid silly remark. You are aware that you can do boss's from a supply drop. Rather then send his tames to their deaths. Or waiting three weeks for a GM. You could've found any number of drops and just done it there no muss no fuss.
  3. I spent an hour and a half watching a stream of someone defending their server against a major raid. Guess how many mana's I saw? None. In fact half the video was the streamer running around trying to pick giga, velon, and tape riders on a ptera. I also saw argies in the pick war too. Mana's are used only in skirmishing. I was a bit sad to see no tropeo's though. I also saw more snow owl's then i did anything else the dive bomb game was real lawl.
  4. I do believe that you can place a transmitter if someone were to give it to you. However you cannot interact with it or use it until you get the engram from the Beta Dragon.
  5. You could learn the engram on Rag or the Island and if you had a replicator on the center you could build it there as well. Far as i know you cant unlock the engram on the center anymore.
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