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  1. Well after 4 weeks my support ticket finally got a reply. Telling me to post it in PC bug reports. Which I also did 4 weeks ago. I'll let you know when that gets a response.
  2. Same reason I got it. Still works on Xbox. However I usually run a server from a PC and connect to it from Xbox with friends and I'm afraid to boot the thing until this fixed.
  3. Lucky you. For alot of others, myself included. The entire world save gets deleted. Been this way for a week. No word from Wildcard. Forums or support tickets.
  4. There is ton of issues with Windows 10 right now. It's basically unplayable. You actually have the better end of the stick. In my games everything is gone. Complete reset of the world. All you can do it wait. For some reason Wildcard seems to be outright ignoring Windows 10. I sent in a support ticket a week ago. I have yet to get a response.
  5. Non-dedicated worlds are just single player worlds with joining enabled. This would be the same issue so welcome. It's been over a week.
  6. Make sure you are logged into the same Microsoft account on your PC as you are Xbox. Usually it helps to be logged in on both the Xbox App and the Store. It mostly links the game to your account and not the PC.
  7. Whatever was in the Update Last Tuesday caused this to happen. For most people it seems to be all of the DLC games. Mixed reports for other maps. Rag, The Center, and The Island all work for me. However you are not the first person I've seen that says those aren't working. Hopefully it gets fixed tomorrow. However I haven't seen any form of acknowledgement from Wildcard. Even my support ticket, which I sent in Wednesday, has gotten no reply. Which seriously concerns me. This is something that makes the game basically unplayable, and seems to be effecting a large amount of people. I understand they've had their hands full just looking at the forums. However some updates to the State of the Game would be nice.
  8. DLCs are unplayable on Windows 10 right now. Saving has been disabled since Tuesday.
  9. Oh it's more than just the new expansion. For most people it's all the DLC maps at the least. I've seen a couple people say it's the entire game for them. It's a major mess up.
  10. There might be. I wouldn't play around with it too much however this is Xbox Play Anywhere, two copies of the save files are made, locally and another set saved to cloud storage. There still might be an old save somewhere.
  11. There's another thread in the General Bug reports for Xbox about this. Its not limited to Extinction, its any DLC map. Aberration and Scorched Earth are doing the same. The Island however is not. I have it happening on 2 different computers on 2 different xbox accounts. So no you are not the only one experiencing this. However there has been no word of acknowledgement. Edit: Ive seen a couple reports of the Island, Ragnarok, and The Center being affected too.
  12. As long as you using the Windows 10 edition of Ark. Windows 10, not steam. The crossplay should be automatic. I do this all the time and I don't remember ever hitting a box. However if this question came up because your friends were unable to join. I would look for a solution somewhere involving issues with antivirus software. That's what stopped me from running a player dedicated for a bit. Antivirus firewall didn't like the incoming traffic.
  13. IF I remember right, I used to get this same exact issue. What it was then, like a year ago, it was a firewall and antivirus problem. I have Norton and they were blocking incoming traffic to the server or something along those lines. I forget exactly how to fix it but hopefully this helps point in the right direction at least.
  14. I am getting this issue too, However The Center and Ragnarok are working fine for me. It is just the DLC maps. I'm all but certain that the issue was caused by yesterdays update somehow as I was playing scorched earth when the update came out. Saved and exit, updated, then loaded up a new aberration game. The aberration game did not save. I then found out Scorched Earth would also no longer save after that update. However I could reload where I was before it. I've tried numerous solutions online, most noticeably the "Read Only" problem but that isn't doing anything. So if anyone has a solution or even an update as to what on earth is happening that would be fantastic. *Update* I have a second computer that I tried recreating this. Once again after the update I am unable to save games on the DLC maps. Different computer, different xbox account, same problem. So I'm pretty sure at this point its an issue on either Microsoft's end or Wildcards.
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