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  1. There are several that should have been because of mesh access. For example Ice cave, underwater cave on rag, artifact cave on scorched, Batman cave on center etc the list is higher than rat holes. How about instead of removing the whole rathole the just block the mesh spots like in larger caves?
  2. How is a rathole any different than a larger cave? Both provide players and tribes protection. I’ve done some research and there are still mesh spots on every map from the beginning that haven’t been patched that allow you to access the mesh so why patch places that don’t allow u to access the mesh and not patch the places that do?
  3. @Dollie should try playing official pvp sometime without cheats solo so she can know the struggle of us solo people playing the game. Maybe just maybe then she will understand the ARK struggle for survival.
  4. Well thanks to @Dollie I’ve lost my base in the recent rathole patch then. I seriously hate her.
  5. Agreed @Dolliehas been ruining the game for years. But I refuse to believe the dev teams have no control over changes and if that’s the case it’s unbelievably stupid
  6. I swear the devs hate solo player’s because they keep getting rid of ratholes that are essential to the survival of solo players or two man tribes on official. #change my mind. My base has just been made useless because of a recent patch to the rathole I was living in. Thanks @Dollie I lost a month of hard work.
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