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  1. Wowiwon

    Ragnarok boss question

    What stats should a theriz have to be considered boss material? And how many cakes are u talking about? I got a few but I'm not sure how to put the levels in em. Someone said that 10 or 12k health so the % heal from the cakes is good but idk. Any and all advice is appreciated
  2. Wowiwon

    Ragnarok boss question

    Thanks for the advice!
  3. They are over priced to craft for sure! Just look for a good jm and you should be ok if you got a good crafting characters to use. WC should fix this and how rare rex saddles are to find!
  4. Wowiwon

    Ragnarok boss question

    Awesome thank you for the heads up! Now I don't need to server hop to the island for the tek! Just wish rex saddles were easier to get on tag. Only found a primitive 40 deff one so far. Anyone know if the changed the loot tables and where a red saddle BP can be found?
  5. Wowiwon

    Taming a Titanboa

    Good to know about eggs after taming, I'm about to try and get 2 soon!
  6. Wowiwon

    Ragnarok boss question

    Can you get element from rag boss fight? I just got my Rex's ready but have yet to ever do a boss fight. Can I get the tek engrams on rag? My buddy said he didn't think we could but I couldn't find any posts cause I'm searching at work lol. Please help
  7. Wowiwon

    prime fish meat

    Fishing is definitely the fastest way, even with a primitive rod. Just find a good pond and bring honey!
  8. Wowiwon

    alphas ALPHA Spawns and new alphas

    I agree more alphas and different types would be cool! Make an alpha of each type of dino! Alpha dodo, spino, tylo, and dilo lol! Make a ton more!
  9. Wowiwon

    Types of Wyvern's

    Yep ice is under powered for sure, looks great tho!
  10. Wowiwon

    Fastest way to fill dung beetles with poo?

    Use big poo... Rex's and brontos
  11. Wowiwon

    New idea to decongest the servers (PVE)

    Make it non tek so tribes that haven't ascended yet can get it and use it. Make it expensive because it's worth it! I want it
  12. Wowiwon

    how to lvl up from 90-100 on Ragnaok

    Use the grinder and spam craft as many things as you can with broth of enlightenment going. You get alot of xp fast and can do it over and over again. Otherwise hatch wyverns and kill the babies for xp.
  13. Wowiwon

    Changes To Structure Decay Rules

    I like that idea, I've never thought about a pillar fence instead of gates or walls. Depending on the new building rules I'm gonna try that out on my next base. Lol guy above said poopstormed incase u missed it 🤣🤣🤣. And I don't think that will be the case because it's going to be a mechanic and not a ticket issue. Answer to all complaints "deal with it"... or "build somewhere else" just like people say to new players. It's more like the poopstorm of cries on here that we are all gonna hear soon enough
  14. Wowiwon

    Can't Build Anywhere!

    I toss newbies a Petra and some crap gear and wish em luck finding a spot. I got enough birds and stuff that if it means no super close neighbors and I make a buddy, that's a win win! If people were nice and shared more like this, and with things like kibble, the game would lag less (less kibble farms) and more people would have fun and be protected from griefing.
  15. Wowiwon

    Changes To Structure Decay Rules

    I thinking the older players whining more, they have more to "lose" than the new guy dying on the beach by compys lol. New people just wanna play, and if someone feels the need to take a whole map to themselves, they should go to single player or a dedicated server. Official is for everyone not just people from before the full release.