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  1. I haven't done anything in Ark today. Been watching the server list screen for 2+ hours so far while I wait to join the official PVE OC Valguero server. I was trying to ;log in at 7:30 am Aussie time which should be the slowest time of the day but no the server is over crowded with selfish Americans who can't stick with their own servers! And Australia and New Zealand only get one PVE Valguero server.
  2. Add more official PVE OC Valguero servers for Xbox One. You gave us one rubbish server! While every other region has at least 5+. Pathetic!
  3. Is the Waiting to join session "".... message a bug? Should you just press the join button again to make it say Waiting to join server 500 for example?
  4. I lost a baby gacha to starvation which was very strange because the babies' inventory was full of edible food (as in being 800+ worth of food) and had been feeding itself for almost 2 hours. It just died all of a sudden. This is extremely frustrating as this has happened 3 times now. Baby dinos should not just suddenly starve to death when there is food there for them to eat! When will this be fixed? Worst bug in the game, it needs to be fixed. No other baby I've raised has died instantly like that. Just incase it is needed this occurred on a official server.
  5. I just bought the parasaur bionic skin and I'm encountering the same issue as everyone else here. Please fix this.
  6. Hi, I just started using this and I have a probably stupid question. Once a dinosaur is added to your library, how do you update its level? I choose edit by right clicking on the dino in the list and there's no way to edit its level. I have been manually adding stats etc for each dino (as I play on the PS4) and found there was no way to update the level if the dino levels up.
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