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  1. If you had your hnla equip you have to go to another server to drop and hopefully they don't do rollback and wipe your character like mine
  2. I have same problem on island anyone know what's going on or where to find out
  3. Looking forward to new dlc is it going to work or did you just cheat me out of more money
  4. I think they're waiting till after holiday sales to post anything about an update or anything about the game being broke being sneaky trying to sell a lemon
  5. Has anyone heard anything from the the dev's or are they still pretending the game is functional. I can only play on 1 out of 5 servers I play on and with all the babies I lost from update I've lost 2 out of 10 deploys from cryo pods
  6. If they respond with an update or post about a fix it might affect the holiday sales probably why no chatter is coming from their end
  7. If they let it go to long they'll have no choice but to wipe since they haven't responded probably means they really screwed up
  8. Have tames and base on 756 wonder if I'll get stuck in a loop if I go there it's nothing but cricket's at wildcard
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