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  1. Hln-a doesn't give number stats So this whole time I had NO idea that the hlna scan function was suppose to give all the stats of a creature WITH numbers. Ps4 only gives 4 stats (health, stam, food and something else) with no numbers like the knocked out screen, while pc gets all 8 stats and their numeric value. That would make this x-rex scouting so much easier, lol
  2. EeveeGurl

    Domes broke again

    Domes broke again The domes on my singleplayer world aren't working again. They worked for like a week in November but I just checked after Genesis released and the other half of the dome just doesn't load in. The gaping hole is very bright once more, please fix it for good this time
  3. EeveeGurl

    2x buy glitch

    2x buy glitch I bought a cryopod from the shop and it charged me for 2 of them, it even said added x2 on the left. But when I went in my inventory there was only 1 cryopod to be found. It's only a 500 hex loss but still, I worry about this happening for larger purchases
  4. Also happening here, I had such perfect personal setting that I didn't touch them for a very long time, and since they reset I have no idea what they were. So I logged into rag to get all my setting where I liked them with breeding and hatching and imprinting only for them to reset again lol ughh I hope they fix it
  5. I like custom dinos like the dodorex or dodo wyvern. Maybe more stuff like that for the other seasons
  6. Update, I randomly flew into a dome with my snow owls thermal vision on, and the dome was fully loaded for a few minutes. My heart kinda broke when half the dome randomly ceased to exist again, but it felt good to remember what the game was supposed to look like. However, what I came to ask was, did the recent patch fix the bug??
  7. Posted about it almost a month ago, this is happening to me too. Ridiculous how long this is taking to fix
  8. Yeah true, but this happens on pc rn too
  9. Weird thing is I'm on ps4 single-player instead.
  10. This is happening to me too, and no one wants to give me any answers about it
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