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  1. Hereis the link to report bugs on Ark; https://docs.google.com/forms/u/0/d/e/1FAIpQLScHdhW5AishZ3o9qUXSJD15CJgzCvBqpN32p77B5VGhAeFQ1A/formResponse
  2. I get the same bug on PS4. Been whipping the dinos, still havent saw any neither a nest in weeks. Also noticed in the past they would venture out of their spawn in a linear pattern, like flying straight out like a robot until they hit a wall or be attracted to other wildlife...
  3. So i guess there is nothing to do with my two high level rock golem i was trying to unpod today with that raptor face, coming from Valguero??
  4. Caracter lost in Genesis I own 3 GPortal servers in cluster. Last night, on Genesis, i placed my caracter in bed like i always do before i disconnect. There was still people on the server playing when i left that reported no issues on the server. Tonight when i tried to get back in the game, i was asked to create another caracter!!! I logged in with my crafting caracter which is on another account to see my main caracter sleeping normally on the bed!! i was about at 50 missions done and a whole bunch of imprinted dinos on this caracter, having my oldest server for about 2-3 yea
  5. When im in orbital view, im able to look in the mesh. On Genesis, a lot of dinos spawn down there. I saw a karkino and just now, a shinehorn in the crater cave. No wonder i never see them in that cave!! ?
  6. Its the first time my trap wont work to tame a basi. Got a nice event 150 in trap and it wont eat my eggs!! Stupid bug thats what it is!
  7. Tonight, in the ocean biome, on mumy rented GPortal server, me and another player keep on being disconnected after just a couple of minutes. He had attempted to get his spider back at least 15 times and me, got lucky enough to get my bag back after only 5 attempts... being disconnected or blue screening every time... this is just ridiculous! Im paying for that bs!
  8. Genesis Ocean Biome Blue Screening and Disconnections Im renting a G-Portal Genesis server and tonight in the ocean biome, we keep on being disconnected or blue screening!! Not only me, the other players too! Why is this happening and anybody else is living this nightmare? I dont know who’s responsible for this; G-Portal or Wildcard??
  9. Bloodstalker taming bug (not related to efficiency) Hi, I was playing on official before you changed the way we tame Bloodstalkers to the point we now have to feed them dinos to raise the efficiency, which i think is a great idea. Since About a week, i left pvp to play on a rented gportal Genesis server. We went to tame stalkers but there seem to be a problem with them grabbing you and letting you go. It mostly occurs when the stalker is not completely upside down, like sitting on the side of a branch or even on top. I wonder if this was intentional or not but it will also let go our
  10. Same thing just happened to me when a poison wyvern killed me and i suspect it to have eaten my body/gear... thats the worst stupid thing i have lived in Ark lately! Had my best, hardly collected Riot armor on...
  11. The swarms are the most annoying thing WC came up with. Not only im exasperated by them, im ready to quit this fn map even playing ark if nothing is done to nerf them!!! This is the only biome i want to live in but in these conditions, i will stop playing the game for my own sanity! They just drives me literally nuts! 1- cant catch a FN break! 2- they agro for a FN mile and once there is one coming at you, be assured that 15 will follow!!!! 3- i cant get a FN rest even while taking shelter in my FN base! How dumb is that!? 4- Hitbox is way too small 5- nerf the FK o
  12. It happenned to me twice lately. Same thing happenned while using the climbing pics to climb my base. It doesnt even say YOU DIED. You just vanish and so is you shoulder pet. Tribe log wont even say you died, neither your shoulder pet. I thougth this was a new bug but as i can tell, i'm not the only one to who it happenned.
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