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  1. The ARK: Survival Evolved video I always wanted to make From the moment I woke up on the beach in this game I was captivated by what the game had to offer. The vast landscape and impressive creatures had me from the beginning and the strange sci-fi areas of the world always hinted at something much bigger. Now that the initial story line has come to a close I finally wanted to make something that really showed how epic this game is and how much it has grown from its humble beginnings. The video took many clips and I realized that to tape them all myself would be impractical so much of the video you will see is not my own recordings. I don't claim to have any part in recording this footage. Regardless I really hope you like the video I made! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcHkfFCO5_8
  2. If they add this I will actually uninstall. Side note, YESSSSSSSAAAAHAAAH!!!! When I saw that this game was coming to phones I knew that a switch release might happen. I've wanted this game on switch forever and now its finally here. I'm really exited to be able to play this amazing title on the go thank you wildcard
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