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  1. yeah i can attest otter are infinitely easier to feed on land, not only is it easier to press teh stupid button, they don't move as quickly, if possible i recomend building a cage for it on land a (raft works as well i suppose)
  2. i CAN understand why you'd wait for an event to do bigger projects. its like waiting for an event to tame a theri. but thats not the same as NEEDING the event to do those things. as far as potential benefits, maybe they want to move to a place that they can do more unique boosts and events and have them be special. The kings feast thing that hey (had) announced is one example of this. while overall it wasn't gonna be a HUGELY useful event, it WAS going to allow me to update my custom consumables so tehy weight less and are easier to make, which would have been a nice QoL improvement for me. increased farm rates means i could have stockpiled tons of narco berries in preparation for taming several megalanias, even while playing somewhat casually. The idea (at least for me) is to think about what you CAN do with the boosts they give rather than think about what you CAN'T.
  3. how entitled do you have to be? can't build? BS, you just can't build as quickly as when its boosted. but remember evo weekends are a BOOST, they are not normal. This game is and always has been built on grinding. you are meant to have to work hard to get all the stuff you want. remember, you always have the option of playing single player or unofficial if you want to remove that aspect. and remember, im not saying thats a bad thing. Im saying that if you only play the game when its boosted, you may as well just play on a perma boosted server.
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