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  1. im getting this too after playing valguero this morning out of nowhere and i read up that its some kind of unexpected bug and the code needs to be changes so it can register only happens with ark so something needs to be fixed
  2. Perminant Liopleurodon !!! PLease let us keep this beautiful creature forever and just let us use its abbility once per day i think that pretty reasonable and its such a waste having that good of a model and it only being tamed for 30 minintes and it not even be able to get cryopoded ether ...come on guys this would be so cool to breed and be somewhere in between a plesiosaur and a mosasaurus
  3. how about you fix the manticore as it never landed for me the whole fight lost all my dinos and gear beat the dragon and ape just waited 10 minites for him to come down and he never did ..... and yes for those who would moan i should have brought guns i did but no excuse for it still not to land FIX THIS!!!
  4. CHINESE !! all the eu maps are full of Chinese ......cant we have a reigon block so they cant ruin our servers ?!?! getting sick of seeing square tribes everywhere ruining spawns and spamming thatch foundations everywhere i cant get on my new valguero map because its full of chinese ... please give them more servers or just block them
  5. azuramoon


    Content! Here's a few ideas i think a lot of people would love to see we should have more tier'ed storage like stone box small and large and the same with metal like little vaults there should also be some sort of feeding trough in between the regular and tek that's powered by spark powder maybe id also love to see more plants like palm trees and banana ,coconuts so we have more aesthetics with greenhouse builds and for breeding we should be allowed to breed basilisks and griffins i feel like it wouldn't be that bad if you could wee should also be able to breed insects like i know they have like larvae forms and stuff but ark players would love it even if they was just smaller versions when babies we just love stats and colour mutations !! a TLC 3 is really needed on a few creatures for sure like the bronto,giga,mammoth,anky,doed, even if not the model just more animations would make so much of a difference anyway here is just a few idea's i thought of
  6. i guess my Christmas is gonna be busy hahaha
  7. azuramoon

    Reaper King

    i like having a glowpet but i always forget it witch makes it so hard. i get nameless come up and get me right at the top of the map sometimes in green biome witch is weird
  8. i agree please stop working on the new and fix the old please then move on
  9. i hope so that would be awesome for a weekend !!!
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