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  1. OtterlyRidiculous

    PLEASE allow global chat ignore option.

    being able to ignore certain players would be nice.
  2. OtterlyRidiculous

    Raptor Pounce (and how it should be fixed)

    ive been grabbed off a rex and a allo before by raptors
  3. OtterlyRidiculous

    Achatina Tek platform saddle

    sounds like grievers from the maze runner tbh
  4. OtterlyRidiculous

    Ark SubZero: A DLC Idea

    I disagree you could have areas like frozen lakes tundras mountains redwoods glacier regions Forest Frozen forest canons, caverns, and caves that are only accessible via a map unlocked tool (like the climbing pick but a chisel) oceans Deep snow (move slower in the area) Features could include a thatch substitute that would be igloo structures that would have a higher insulation rating to keep you warmer new tek items such as tek ac New armor sets that are advance fur (modern day snow gear) Snow shoes, Long bow, Sleds that can be pulled by animals, Large fire pit, Chisel, New mats could be snow, ice, straw. Weather events could be deep frost (cold starts to drain health and stam), Blizzard (lose food faster and cant see anything). Some new creatures that could be used in the dlc Mithic creatures https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simurgh https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kamaitachi Normal creatures https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_tapir Similar functions to the Parasaur alert feature as well as berry gather https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peccary Early game chitin/keritien gatherer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynx_issiodorensis Could be the ice version of the haydon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moose Larger version of the deer we have in game https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bison The artic Triceratops https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mylodontidae Mid game gatheror simular to the Megatherium but less effective https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastodon Multy seater dino thats slighty faster than the mammoth https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camelops Saddle doubles as smithy or morter and pestal Weight reduction for mats - x2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deinonychus The feathered raptor Shoulder pet https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arctic_fox https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vole https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peromyscus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haast's_eagle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chamitataxus Could be an early game berry gather like the mesopithicus Creatures that are already on the ark Dire bear Chalicotherium Pararacer Dire wolf Otter Megatherium Gigantopithecus Argentavis Snow owl Magnamar Quetzal Mammoth Saber tooth Troodons Archaeopteryx Dodo Castoroides Thylacoleo Kairuku Microraptor Megalosaurus T-Rex Terror Birds Purlovia Pegomastax Giant bee Deaden Titanomyrma Ovis Therizinosaurus Equus Woolly rhinoceros Yutyrannus The bosses for this map could be Buri, the grandfather of oden. Wendigo: This is a creature of Algonquian myth similar to a Chenoo, complete with an icy heart and an appetite for human flesh. People who have committed sins are frozen within its heart. Wechuge: A giant made of ice that consumed those who committed taboos, this Athabaskan myth is also very similar to the Chenoo and Wendigo. Honestly both the Ocean and Snow dlcs sound like winners to me and if ark wants to get more from this game it would make sense just to add new dlc with maybe a season pass every year instead of a whole new game. maybe add cosmetic micro transactions as well but thats a whole other can of worms that doesn't need to be opened right now.
  5. OtterlyRidiculous

    New Tranquilizing Weapons

    eh a superior tranq rifle that could have a scope and maybe hold 5 darts in the chamber would be something that would be well received imo to balance it you could make it lever action so you cant just tap 5 times to shoot all the darts. but i also like the idea of a taser gun cause the electric prod is already a "taser".
  6. OtterlyRidiculous

    Patch change question

    mantas i can understand you put 20 points in speed and going jumping around and you are just flying. huh i guess i really never thought about it that way. makes sense that it looks like its not fast but is.
  7. OtterlyRidiculous

    Patch change question

    Mosasaurus - Reduced Mosasaurus speed per level up by 50% But why? i didn't know they were too fast.
  8. OtterlyRidiculous

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    tbh the idea of a toxic underwater area screams bio sucba suit something you would unlock after you unlock the scuba suit and a primitive version
  9. OtterlyRidiculous

    New DLC Suggestion: Oceania

    you would still have land caves that would have bushes and what not. either that or farming would have to become your new best friend
  10. OtterlyRidiculous

    ideas for oceanic map (related to new dlc suggestions oceanic)

    honestly something like aberration but under the sea would be great. items like a gate chamber that would be a room with two gates on each side that is flooded but de floods when you enter it and then a water pump that allows you to pump water out of structures would be dope
  11. OtterlyRidiculous

    fishing Make fishing Great again

    Okay we've all picked up a fishing rod at some point and waited around for a bite only to find out its either too big to pull in the allotted time or to small to care for the loot its going to drop My and some other peoples suggestions are adding custom multipliers like FishBite=x - allowing server owners/sp to up how often fish bite FishReelTimer=x - Allowing server owners/sp to change the time given to reel in after a bite As for the idea of a rework being able to have certain loot only dropped by a coelacanth, sabertooth salmon, or phirania making it so the bps are capped adding in other fish species/ocean fishing/spearbolt fishing (now i want a harpoon with a reel at the end of it only attachable to a metal boat for fishing ichthyosaurus) adding in a higher tier rod (metal and repairable) Just some more things the devs hopefully consider this year
  12. Not as much as you may think (or want). Just trying to understand why someone would defend such bad practices.
  13. why do you feel the need to bring this up so often. Why should it matter either way? you saying that is as ignorant as someone saying the devs always break the game with every patch.
  14. OtterlyRidiculous

    beta branch

    So now that the patch that broke most modded servers is fixed. WHAT THE HECK WILDCARD?!?!?! Was the beta branch just a bone to throw at us to make us think you guys heard us? If people reported that what happened after the patch was a thing before the patch was out then why didn't you guys say something like "we were made aware of some issues that we haven't been able to fix due to low staff count or some other reason so we are going to delay the patch till X so we can fix it". Also what the heck is with the transparency with you guys lately? it took almost 3 days for anyone to mention anything to YOUR OFFICIAL forums (you know that place people come for news about the game) about the issue other than that it was simple reddit or twitter nonsense that really didn't tell us anything other than "yeah we know its an issue and are looking at the fix". this really is starting to get to no just me but alot of your fanbase (just look at the forums). I really hope you guys realize how much trust you lose when you pull crap like this. Heck i even wanted to play atlas but knowing its from you guys I decided to not bother because i don't want to deal with what we just had happen in a new game and that goes with alot of my friends too. The beta branch is a good start but it needs to be something you guys take seriously if you guys are going to continue to use it and use it in conjunction with your forums. Delay a patch if you guys know its going to break something and tell us that. if you continue to do things like what happened with homestead its just going to piss more and more people off. Especially now that you guys put out something like the beta branch if you dont have someone whos job is communication with the community for what ever reason maybe it would be worth while to delegate that to someone that way when poop hits the fan that person knows to find out whats what and tell the player base on on sites they would go to look to know whats what.
  15. OtterlyRidiculous

    I don't get it?

    agreed man but the devs have shown time and time again that pvp is their only focus which is why i said just use the mod if you want everything it has to offer (reading that now i should have made that a bit clearer). i still hope for a pve balance separate of pvp balance but im doubtful that that will ever happen with out the help of mods atleast for this game.