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  1. Your picture and mine are not the same I'm placing on a ceiling but the door ignores the snap on the ceiling and instead snaps to the wall below it causing this issue. Its not a design issue if the structure blatantly ignores the other viable snap point, at that point its an issue with the snaps. As someone else stated above as well you could just make the mesh that allows players through the door a little taller or re prioritize the snaps so instead of snapping to the wall it snaps to a ceiling first but no go ahead and blame the player for bad programing that always works out in the end.
  2. Again another build same problem please Fix this issue Wildcard.
  3. Fix Single Player Resources Glitch Where i live i can not play on a server so i started to play single player and in doing so found out that the day 1 bug of resources not respawning due to the game closing for any reason before the resources have respawned. I have tried doing the lan server idea and that hasn't worked because i only have one computer and running two instances of this game nearly killed it. As stated before in other threads the most logical fix would be to put in a line of code that does a force update of resources or something like that that would only trigger in a single player game.
  4. Single player resources glitch still happening We all know this is still an issue and for the most of us who have played a single player run have run into this issue at least once if not more. The best work arounds for this issue Ive seen requires some back end stuff in the ini (which doesn't all ways work) or mods that get rid of the need to harvest at all, which both mind you defeat the goal of immersion for most. Now the best fix Ive seen is by @Aylana314159 where they said "WC could just add a respawn trigger for SP when the world loads." in a forum thread (linked down below) this could easily be a line of code that you put in the ini that would only effect single player that way you don't run into unintended issues on a server that just refreshes any harvest-able resource on the map before loading the player model. i do believe wild card should implement a fix for this as a good portion of people have complained and or tried work arounds for this issue.
  5. wow glad to see this blew up. I took a break because i just couldnt get over the fact that everything was deleted with out warning like that. if you guys still want help let me know.
  6. Blocked building (cant place on floor) I've never had this issue in ark https://imgur.com/a/GsfZorp I included the gps cords and it seems to be just a random circle that i cant place things on. Im running s+ in single player but i imagine something like this wouldnt just effect single player as normal structures didnt place either. I was able to get a cliff platform to snap in this location on the map but thats it. So far nothing else is placeable. EDIT: had to reupload the screenshots as some didnt upload. EDIT 2 I am a idiot the spot is a drop location so it was blocked because i didnt have the .ini set up right. this post can be removed by a mod if they see this.
  7. HMMM a hanging platform that would have bolts as anchor supports would be dope new structure type another one would be air balloons that could be attached to a ceiling to give a support feature give it like a 4x4 foundation support radius, they could have a max weight limit, a max structure in range limit like the turrets too to get curve spamming. A late game item could be a tek repulser attached to the bottom of a ceiling give it a 10x10 foundation support and make it so you have to have 4 tek gens in the area for them to have power.
  8. the other thing we really need to address is the taming pen.... we would need some sort of deploy-able object that would act as a solid ground so the tame doesnt glitch into the death water.
  9. oooooooOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo i like that idea.
  10. No this would ruin everything balance wise for them if you want them to be breedable just play on some unofficial servers that had a mod that does this
  11. just up the baby food drain multiplier to kill of the unclaimed ones faster
  12. Okay so does that mean all the forum posts are going to show back up in an archived state or do we have to start from the ground up Yeah thats was the plan. the majority here were active on all 3 new ark ideas so its just a bunch of linking to the new threads to get caught up again. If we could access the old forums we could get everything back up to snuff pretty quickly.
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