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  1. I think its Saturday today. And that is a good day to join our servers. Starting and prepare for the upcoming Valguero map. So you have some good dinos who can take you to best spot at the new map. We are ofc allowing all tranfers from day 1. Best regards ALF
  2. We have Two new admins The admingroup have invited two new admins who can help you in your progress. This two admins have the skills we think all will appreciate. Welcome and gratulation Ginger and Big Juiccy to be admins at our cluster.
  3. This weekend we have lot of Events Friday Pokemoe battle at our Gladiator Arena Saturday Dodo Travel event, Move 20 Dodos cross Island, who many will survive this trip? Sunday Our very popular Island market, sell trade and buy dinos. Read more at our website or even better.. Join our discord! Link at the first page!
  4. We have make a new Video about our Community and Cluster. Hope you like it!
  5. This weekend we run "Raptor Race" at saturday at our Event Server. Sunday we run Market. And here is a short Movie about our upcoming Raptor race event.
  6. Godmorning World! We have renamed our server to more easy to see what you get. You can still search for our old server names as Before "Deticated" in Unofficial PC Sessions. Our new server names look like this: DeticatedR 6x Tame/30x Breed/4x XP & Craft If you search for Deticated you will find all our servers. Pick a server to join, but plz do not join our evetnt servers. They are only online in a limited time. And are not made for starting your Ark Life in our world. Best Regards ALF
  7. Now we start up our Dodo Treasure Event server. It will ends at Wednesday and all Red dodo you have collect will be counted by Admins. The winner with most Red Dodos winns a mysterybox! With great stuff in it. We have also have hide a Goden dodo at the map. If you find the golden dodo? You will win a Golden high level Owl! Welcome to join our cluster.
  8. Have a good Weekend. LOL That was so Creative of me to write! BUMP for god sake!
  9. This weekend we run some events. Saturday Island Market, everyone in the cluster are coming to buy, sell and trade dinos at our new made island Market. Our currency are Ingots. rind ingots and buy a good starter dino! Sunday Dodo Event hunt at our Event server (Collect so many red dodos you can find at our custom made island with only dodos) Welcome to join us. Best regards Admins
  10. We running our event server "Aberration hell Event" until 10 May. So its still time to join and get your best dinos at the hole cluster. Our center server also run Arkaeology event. Welcome
  11. Its friday and weekend are here. Welcome to join our great community. We have slots left for you to join. 190+ members at our discord and over 290+ followers at our instagram account. We do not publish our instagram account here yet. We want to know where our players come from. But you can find it if you are creative Have a nice play weekend. Best Regards ALF
  12. This weekend we run our popular Exo market and doing a team Tame Griffins at our center map with nice Colors and levels. And do some Team fight one of the bosses at island. Welcome to join us. Best Regards ALF
  13. Hey! The best way to contact admin is to join our Discord. We have 5 admins who can help you. You can also send a mess direct to me add "swe alf" at xbox and i will try to help you. Have a nice weekend
  14. Thanks for this kind words. We all trying to be as good we can be. Good server have good players. We are glad you have joined, You have added a lot to our community with positive feelings! We have some huge plan for a super Event. I have planned this for weeks, but it will take some more time to make it perfect. The price will be a corrupted Wyvern. Clusters only tamed Corrupted Wyvern. And it will only be this one in the cluster. You have added a lot to our community with positive feelings! A future Admin? I know you have run a server before. :)
  15. We have done some changes at our servers x5 Stacking All servers We have now changed server difficulty at all servers Island 8x Reagnarrok 10x Aberration 10x SC 12x Center 14x Extiction 14x We welcome everyone to join our friendly community. Have a nice day. Best Regards ALF
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