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  1. The Titan is a pretty powerful beast, and no one playing ARK will argue that fact. It has a very high health, a devastating attack, and can be a little annoying to PVE, PVP, and RP players. They are not impossible to kill, wild or tamed, as there are obviously a large amount of videos of people doing so. If you are on a PVE/RP server, make a Titan Force to go kill them with Gigas or Ballistas when they get annoying. As far as PVP goes, I'm not the one with expertise there. I will say that Titans can be killed with 2 Ballistas on a Quetz without taking any damage, it just takes a while (roughly 400 shots). My ONLY complaint about the Titan is that there is no trophy for killing one, nor is there loot. I'd like to see something of the like added to the game for a reward for taking one down.
  2. "Main" building

    This base is pretty sweet. Where is this located?
  3. !Huntsman Recruiting! The Hunstman are recruiting new members. We are looking to strong hunters to join us in our noble quest of ridding the island of Alphas! Requirements Quality Role Play Must have mic for role play Show up at Huntsman Hall and RP out an introduction and asking to join. You'll be given a trial. Perks Live in the Huntsman Hall Hunt Alphas RP with the best of 'em
  4. Sorry to hear this. Maybe closer to release better XBox servers will unveal.
  5. Huntsman Tames! The Huntsman often end up taming creatures that we eventually no longer need. In an effort to de-clutter our base, we will sell this creatures to players on the island. Most creatures are not bred, nor kibble tamed, but are spur of the moment tames, or utility creatures we no longer need. Survivors under 15 years of age may claim 1 FREE creature per survivor. Creatures over 100 are not available for free. Visit the Rise of Nations website for details on what is available!! New players, here is your chance to jump on the server and claim a decent starting dino to save your skins!!
  6. Dear Survivors!! The Huntsman understand that there are some new survivors on the island who may neither know about tomorrow's Black Summit meeting, nor have transportation to get there. Today we outfitted out Quetzal Gumby with a cabin and the Gumby Airlines will be assisting with transportation tomorrow. We currently have seating for 6, but we will be able to add a couple more seats if needed. Please respond here or on the Rise of Nations shoutbox if you will be needing a ride, so that we may plan accordingly. All Footpaw residence need to meet at the Huntsman Hall, other Survivors may be picked up closer to their homes. Transportation is available to ANY Survivor, not just new ones. What: Transportation to the Black Summit via air When: Tomorrow at 6PM EST Cost: FREE Other: Maximum weight of 200, no weapons out in flight, notify a Huntsman to be picked up.
  7. The Huntsman are taking in new members to help with the construction of the new Huntsman Hall and compound, and to search across the land to tame and kill for trophies. You will be feed and taken well care of while at our home. Check us out here Also, I am personally interested in purchasing a Quetzal. Level isn't a big deal since it is mostly for carrying new tames and metal runs. I just have a pretty bad PC, low frames, and a lot of rubber-banding and it makes tames like the Quetzal difficult.
  8. I should be able to make it to the Summit tomorrow. Interested to see the on goings
  9. Is there a list of base locations, so that I don't encroach on someone's area?
  10. Let's make sure our characters meet each other. Our village does scouting parties every other day, so it's bound to happen.
  11. Nekhsan Village will be hosting a silent auction this week in our village. We will be auctioning off combat trained Dilos, speed trained Parasaurs, and possibly a pair of Trikes. Please swing by any time and speak with me to make your bid. Accepted payments are in cementing paste or gunpowder.
  12. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    Will there be sexual dimorphism in the creatures of the island? Whether it be size, distinct colors (Eastern Box Turtles have different colored eyes based on gender), etc? Also, will females be more defensive over young when wild babies are added?
  13. Tomorrow Farms in Nekhsan Village is hiring farmers and breeders! Come hang out with us and help us feed the village!
  14. There is some great RP going on here. Come hang out and see the various tribes!