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  1. So we are already past the middle of the month and still not a single word about the true native PS5 update? I thought it was going to get announced for this month. We just need an ETA for it or it least know if it is officially canceled so we can move on.
  2. That the is the problem. When any cross-gen upgrade is handled like this on PS4 using BC mode and status, it will whether be capped at the max dynamic res and max FPS the PS4 Pro offers and won't offer any extra graphical features or it can be worse like here with many hiccups and drops which happened to other BC games on PS5. The only adequate way to deal with this is to release a dedicated PS5 version for the game running separately and independent from the PS4 and PS4 Pro version and offer a free upgrade of it for anyone who owns the PS4 version and allow cross-play with PS4 and PS5. Otherw
  3. That sucks tbh. I already have ARK on PC both on steam and EGS and they are unplayable on my PC even in lowest settings. When PS4 version was out I thought about getting it but I saw it suffers a lot too then PS4 Pro update made it a little playable. When I saw the XSX enhancements being maxed out and even exceeding PC's highest settings in 4K and targeting 60 FPS I was so excited about it and the next-gen versions thinking the PS5 version would land on the same day. Until last few days I still ahd that hope and the Explorer's Edition on PS4 was on sale so I got it with the hope that it will g
  4. Wait a moment. So this is still not the true next-gen version the Xbox Series X got many months ago? I thought finally the maxed out enhancements hit the PS5. It seems either we gonna forever or we will never get them.
  5. https://gameinfinitus.com/patch-notes/ark-survival-evolved-update-2-51-patch-enables-ps5-visual-enhancements/ New patch 2.51? Did they enable the full next-gen enhancements like the XSX version? they said it's still coming before, cus the team behind the PS5 upgrade were shifted to develop Genesis 2 and the latter got delayed.
  6. So PS5 version will never come now since Gen2 is delayed?
  7. Greetings I was wondering what happened to the maxed out update for PS5 of ark like Series X. One of the devs u/Jatheish said it will come in Deecember but nothing since. I asked the official ARK and Jesse but I got no response. I hope the partnership with MS for ARK II won't result in neglecting the PlayStation versions and not provide them with any update in the future. Also what happened to Survival Of The Fittest F2P on consoles? The game was out on PC for a long time but nothing since for consoles. Was this scrapped?
  8. Will PC owners get a special deal or discount when they are going to get the PS4 version too? Will PS4 version support mods and to what extent?
  9. Will PC owners get a special deal or discount when they are going to get the PS4 version too? Will PS4 version support mods and to what extent?
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