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  1. LTS Gaming We are a ARk Gaming Community that loves to play ark and a few other games (7Days to die & Minecraft) We do not really screen out players, however we seek that our members are at least the legal age to be using a internet service or have a parent/adult to supervise. Whereas we do not allow excessive foul language, it does occur from time to time. Other means of inappropriate language has zero tolerance. We have active staff available throughout the day, who help with really any issues that may arise. Our Leaders are Kendall, Em and myself (Stickers) however my task mainly r
  2. What a Pentium gold G 5400 work It is a dual core with hyperthreading at 3.7 GHZ
  3. Best hardware to run dedicated server I want to host a dedicated server, running 2-3 maps, Center, Ragnarok and Val. I want to run about 6 or so mods. I want to build the server myself so just looking to get input on if I need high clock speed or high core counts.. any info is welcome and thanks.
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