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  1. Thank you for your time to answer. I understand the player privacy policy and im aware that the status cant be discussed, but i would like to know the outcome of it, i have the right to know if this people "removed" us out of the server we have been playing since Official servers got out, did it to cover up the fact they are cheating and exploiting. I forgot to mention that Naughty tribe is beeing helped by Ozon tribe also and alert to the fact that this people are fans of "duping". They are quite excentric, trading Tek Shields for behives and another fancy trades... good uh ?
  2. A few month ago GM Blitzz i believe was on our server to get a Giga unstuck and we alerted him for the fact that in the Artifact of the Craig cave someone had a transmiter under the mesh built, he removed it and i believe he screenshoted. That cave is now ocupied by a tribe and we are afraid the interest in building in that cave might be due to that . Please can you investigate this further ? It might be "false" alarm but the fact the interest on that cave was enough to push us out of it and almost completely off the server at this point might be relevant. I cant precise how long ago it was that the GM removed the transmiter because it was someone else that opened the ticket for the otehr problem wwe had at the time, but hopefully is something that can be cheked ?
  3. 100 T€rr@

    Why can't we set up teleporters on aberration

    What is written here should be replaced by " bluhu lbuhbu blhhubblhhuuuu blhuuu bhluuuuuu" ... clearly what you just did...
  4. So i decided to make this post because its clear to everyone that Wildcard doesnt give a damn to the players they have and spent their money on a game that shouldnt even be released, and is using that money to "reward" cheaters/exploiters whatever you want to call it. Meanwhile us, serious and dedicated players that waste hours and hours of farming to be able to acomplish something, have our hours of effort thrown away because some developer/engineer messed up and simply made stuff magicly disappear. This is what happened: After patch 276.493 , 6 vaults we had placed in our base vanished ! Those vaults had all our best stuff and Christmas even bp's, tek armor sets, tek saddles, element,gear , etc... I know for sure that the vaults disappeared due to the changes that were made on the mesh, Wildcard knows it aswell but still their answer was: "I know how hard this must be to have lost resources in this way. As a fellow survivor I do know what it is like to have these things taken away for me, and how frustrating it is. I have notified the engineers, so you will hopefully not have to encounter it in the future but right now we are unfortunately unable to restore items that are lost in this way. I am again sorry that you had to experience this, and I am here for any other questions that you have for me at this time." So please someone tell me, why should we continue playing this game, why the effort and time spent on this when the people that cheat are the ones rewarded... despite beeing a broken game i like playing it and have fun with my friends but it would make me very happy to see this company going bankrupt...
  5. It would be honest and fair to the people that dedicate a lot of time since the early stages of the game if you just inform us that you all are tired of developing the game and have run out of ideas to make it better and instead are trying to force people to quit it as fast they can with such a retarded idea as this... *clap* *clap* *clap*