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  1. I didn't mean by that. What I mean is they nerf the tamed giga, but "forgot" to do the same to the wild one. As they have their role in the game.
  2. Managarmr is still the bast traveling mount, IF you call crawling on the ground and suffer through constant harassment traveling. You used to be able to dash across the map, if you mutate and level up it's stamina enough, but now you can only dash once and you are forced to get back to the ground. I didn't even bother to tame a mana in my latest difficulty 10 storyline playthrough, just bring my rock drake over to extinction and call it a day. I'm gonna give Wildcard credit though. At least they remember to also nerf the wild managarmr. Not like the wild giganotosaurus. They didn't nerf them because they have the role of screwing with player throughout the whole game.
  3. Screw Wildcard and those haters of Managarmr. Wildcard could have make it harder to use by adding in counter measure to its ability, but they instead just rip its feature away. And surprise, haters are still hating. Managarmr are completely worthless in PvE now, what more can you butthole ask for. Anyway, you guys might as well disable Genesis in singleplayer mode because it's quite unplayable and impossible to complete alone on current state.
  4. I played modded singleplayer, with tweaked stats multiplier(I have 1k health and almost 50k total armor) and I'm only able to barely finish the alpha difficulty Bog Gauntlet. As how I see it, the biggest issue in gauntlet mission really is that ridiculously high damage reduction they give to those hostile creature. How is it fair to ask your player to kill 20~30 creatures that have couple thousands of health and about 60~80% damage reduction in 6 minutes?
  5. Wildcard, please make the singleplayer multiplier apply to genesis mission So I only played singleplayer, and I just tried volcanic gautlet mission. Gamma is fine, beta is difficult, alpha is straight up impossible. How are you expect players of singleplayer mode to beat a game that is heavily balanced based on multiplayer gameplay, you might as well disable genesis for singleplayer gameplay. Anyway, Wildcard, can you please make the singleplayer multiplier apply to the enemies spawn in gauntlet mission or at least allow player to use dinos in those mission(only for singleplayer of course)
  6. Resources blocking interaction of glitch fixing and HLN-A menu Sometimes I was unable to interact with HLN-A or fix a glitch, until I cleared out the resources around me that can be collect by hand. Did anyone here having the same issue?
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