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  1. decided to take my rex for a walk and it decided to go underworld instead
  2. Solo tamed a 140 squid. Thanks to RNGesus the stats were at best mediocre. But quite proud of solo taming, not even died once, mosa just lost total of 1k maximum HP.
  3. decided to turn to the seas since most of the creatures other than flyers were trivialized, got my squid stuck into a bunch of eels. managed to retrieve it back later. good times. then tamed a lvl 145 mosa later that night. i'd rate my play experience 6/10 for today
  4. it does effect the gestation period. not sure how the duration reduction goes. I am guessing if it takes 8 hours for gestation, that would take 8 X 60 = 480 minutes and divide it by 3?
  5. err, what about gestation periods? is it increased by 3X?
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