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  1. oops im in the wrong ark please dont lisen to me
  2. Griffins can't be bred, and don't lay eggs. sorry
  3. So. My opinion on server transfers is that some dinos should be allowed, specifically ones that can breed. I thing This would be an approach that would make playing on Extinction better for players new to it, but not create as big of problems with larger tribes transferring their best dinos over and dominating a server. Also, meshing is an issue, and i recognize this, but nothing is going to be done about it in this Ark. The meshing solution is to get a new engine, but getting a new engine would require finding one, learning to use it, and recreating all the things to do with the engine. The mesh is made with the same engine as the dinos, the structures, and the ground and landscape. To fix the meshing issue, I believe that they would have to delete all the dinos and structures, and remake them, causing everyone with progress to loose it. The mesh is made of the same stuff as the armor on you character and the dinos, and you can tell when dinos are not properly loaded in, they look very much like the ground when it is not loaded in properly. Happy New Year, and I hope other more fixable issues are fixed
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