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  1. have any tribes planning on setting up? im a solo player possibly looking to stay solo or join if theres a group that wouldnt mind another.
  2. awesome what i was hoping to hear.
  3. message khalofdothrakis on xbox just left official looking for something different, server running through nitrado or hosting yourself?
  4. nacirem

    Double XP Event

    until they fix the xbox text issue i dont see x2 going active.
  5. nacirem

    Did the baby 1/3 food rate affect wyverns?

    its still 360/hour
  6. nacirem

    Ragnarok deep sea loot

    actually we have a dank beaver that can make the Asc quetz platform but yea giga is out of reach until replicator
  7. nacirem

    Rollbacks..maliscious or not?

    its duping wipe them
  8. nacirem

    Ragnarok deep sea loot

    no luck from water drops but ice cave we have got asc quetz platform bp and mc giga bp to name the tops
  9. nacirem

    pvp tek help please

    admincheat ascend2
  10. nacirem

    pvp Raiding bully tribes xbox

    how big are they and how big are you? i have wyverns and rockets.
  11. nacirem

    Iceworm Cave

    you can make it through whole cave on one shield
  12. nacirem

    Official Ragnarok xbox

    yea i know a few decent servers, how big of tribe and play style?
  13. nacirem

    Iceworm Cave

    yes metal will be better then wood
  14. nacirem

    pvp Making Alliances with tribes in ragnarok

    id be interested in getting something going, we have been on rag since day 1.
  15. nacirem

    Raising Wyverns

    nothing wrong with raising a 165, tbh most of my best stat wyverns come from the 160-180 range rarely do you get a 190 with prime stats dont know why but ive done a couple hundred of them and best one ever was a 180 lightning egg.