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  1. still looking for a full grown wyvern for giga saddles?

  2. Iceworm Cave

    you can make it through whole cave on one shield
  3. Official Ragnarok xbox

    yea i know a few decent servers, how big of tribe and play style?
  4. Iceworm Cave

    yes metal will be better then wood
  5. pvp Making Alliances with tribes in ragnarok

    id be interested in getting something going, we have been on rag since day 1.
  6. Raising Wyverns

    nothing wrong with raising a 165, tbh most of my best stat wyverns come from the 160-180 range rarely do you get a 190 with prime stats dont know why but ive done a couple hundred of them and best one ever was a 180 lightning egg.
  7. Does Ragnarok have chainsaw drops?

    ive gotten a journeyman one out of a red drop with a ring
  8. Does Ragnarok have chainsaw drops?

  9. Question about transferring

    whenever something enters your inventory the timer starts and dont split any items the timer resets on both stacks,
  10. Wyvern egg stealing

    one easy solution get a griffon
  11. Griffin

    no saddle = higher damage taken so alphas id be cautious around. we have a max level griff and use it for meat runs on smaller dinos up to stegos with no issues. maybe try pumping a few points in melee or initiate your attacks with the dive bomb attack to weaken and than proceed to bite.
  12. Wyvern milking

    yea i tamed a griffon world of difference.
  13. Wyvern milking

    i know trap design AKA original post ive done it a billion times but with a max ptera that outflys them and if i mess up can tank a hit or 3 but now its 2 hits and toast with no chance of outrunning. no matter what kind of bird im using i cant seem to live long enough to get them to trap after nerf. ALSO THIS IS ON RAGNAROK NOT SCORCHED
  14. 2x event please.

    2x event wrecked fresh servers, now alphas know already have quetzs etc will just snowball even further ahead.
  15. Wyvern milking

    Raised dozens before flying nerf and quit a few months ago and now back for Ragnarok but am curious best way to go about it now?