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  1. Wiped; how often? About how often do you get wiped in pvp small tribes? Seems hard to last more than 4 or 5 days unless you build tiny hidden bases with no turrets.
  2. Small tribe boss fight, solo? Would it even be possible in small tribes pvp to do a boss fight solo?
  3. So what about small tribes pvp soloing guerilla style? Best map? As far as ability to stay low profile and avoiding trolls?
  4. End game soloing? What’s the most advanced you have ever been soloing on pvp? On small tribes I can manage to go undetected sometimes even long enough to breed small tames and have a decent base...but not much more than that. would last longer on non-small but not fun grinding.
  5. Thanks for the replies.....and I was referring to pvp. I have fun soloing on pvp and can remain unnoticed for quite a while. You don’t advance to end game however. But i end up lasting longer than with a group. Trick is to find sneaking places that cover your base well.
  6. Best map for soloing? So now with valguero out which map is the best for solo players and why? which is best for low profile bases etc?
  7. Anyone wish there could be a chill, small tribe, pvp server on Xbox? often I will see in global chat: is this server chill? More often than not it’s not so “chill”. what if all of us established a chill server? No raiding on that server? Support each other when outsiders raid? (Without breaking the “alliance” rule thing).
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