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  1. Nobody wants to have cave building for season 3. good job with that. 24hr cd is bad for informal alliances unless you decide to enforce new alliance rules. ie No alliances. Please lift the 30-40 + players that one of Tea pocket gm wrongfully banned theres a plethora of evidence that absolves any accusations. On official, enforcement teams only punish the cheater not the entire tribe. it isnt right. you should lift all bans from last season as it was not properly enforced like season 1 of conquest was. Open another discord / way to contact your enforcement team that doesnt involve a ticket system with an automated msg from daze as the resolution. Your team has lifted bans before, youve even given temp bans for racism which makes 0 sense. please help correcting this mistake and making this playlist better this time around for all the players. @StudioWildcard
  2. all for naught. Tons of us enjoyed the servers and loved the old meta only for it to be wrongly administrated for 1 main tribes gain on the cluster. if you wonder why no tribes come back to play after season 1-2, read above.
  3. Dont waste your time playing these if theyre not going to treat your tribe equally/fairly as the main pocket dev tribe on these servers. Their pocket dev's dont even know their own game and its mechanics that are part of the game, its one thing to ban/dev for hacking/ cheating its another to ban / dev an entire tribe for 1 players actions and or a mechanic that has been part of the game since raganarok release. If they instil more communication between enforcement maybe this will be better, but the lack of communication by enforcement towards any players that dont directly have connection to their chinese enforcement team, goodluck getting anything done. jumping through hoops for month, multiple players putting in support tickets, emails being sent to both Wildcard and Snailgames.
  4. Your classic servers are being abused by a tribe with immediate connection to a gm account. They ban for 0 reason other than, banning for another tribe to gain progression. Get rid of your admin team for these servers and find one that actually answers support tickets and looks over evidence of 50+ players being banned. They banned a player for picking another off a griff during flight, which is not a 3rd party program. They ban for one tribes gain if another tribe beats them in anyway.
  5. please make your servers cross platform entirely. Then delete the 6 man servers, legacy and inactive servers.
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