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  1. Ok, so I went back to the bog from my home in Artic. But this time with my Yutyrannus. Swarms didnt attack me as long as I was mounted and tbh even if they did they died instantly. No other dinos attacked me either, only kept a distance from a spino and alpha carno. Went to play some more dodoball, lol, 2 other guys were there one with Yuturannus and other with rex. Without any words (text or voice) we played some rounds. One at a time, protected by the other 2 dinos. Was a nice moment. ? The swarm was like crazy at first and some time in we got a nice break with no insrct s
  2. Julmust

    Cant fly

    For people running a server knows theres a new setting. It says to allow flying in Genesis, but I had to mark it for people to be available to fly on Vulgero aswell. So, yeah. Genesis = perma no flying.
  3. I had this issue and went to store and searched for ark genesis. First I was looking for it at season pass and game and said bought. But when I searched it came up and just had to click on it.
  4. My robot/orb-thing got glitched in glitch closing mode, during night couldnt see anything thru that purple sparkly light. Both in 1st and 3rd person lol *Edit The animation got stuck after I tried to close a glitch that I already was closed.
  5. Yes this is buggy bugs. After one maintenance I load in to Bog and NO insect swarms for 10 min, after that it starts and just get worse and worse. You need to have several torches and they only last a couple of hits. Swarms hitbox is on the ground aswell. Did the dodoball thing which I enjoyed even though the swarm got insane, lol.
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