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  1. It's nice that WC is recognising raft spam as against the rules now, but are we still completely ignoring tame cap issues? Rafts aren't causing servers to cap out as fast as they are, its people holding dinos on multiple servers they don't play on. Spamming tames only makes uploading your tames for a slot difficult, doesn't fix the fact you have to upload just to tame something you need. You brought out more servers and within days they were capped, how are we expected to keep playing like this? Just wait for Extinction to come out so people will move a few tames off i suppose. It was lovely that you gave us a 3x event, but as soon as it hit my breeding server capped out leaving the rest of the weekend as a reconstruction of what happens on my main server. Waiting for a slot and trying to incubate eggs so i can sort out a dino line, having half the community scream at eachother because they want to mate. We're struggling here, WC. We can't all go unofficial or private, big tribes go down and within days we're capped again.