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  1. mine are often used for alpha dragon i was really just offering a baby female with 19k health 825 dmg 1650stam obviously base as baby
  2. my theri's are 19k health 825dmg base in xmas colour i have baby female if u want i am on 192 the center lvl 367, i actually did the alpha dragon on rhino's as they are fire proof and you can sit in saddle too fire shotgun but i went with group that provided the rhino's and don't own any
  3. this morning i tried jumping with 43 metal walls on me i thought it was a bit strange when there was no countdown timer although if u have got lucky as sometimes u do, anyway i jumped from 215 to 492 and the walls just vanished i jumped back straight away no bag on floor
  4. i was looking for 192 the center which for some unknown reason is nowhere to be found so i did a search on official servers selected the center and pve of course and then spotted something wrong
  5. anky's used to be auto harvesting but ppl abused it so they removed it
  6. cannot click on join with survivor it just stays greyed out
  7. so we put all our dino's away before 6pm uk time, so we don't have the imprint screwed up. We get to friday the 11th and what do u know the event is still active all those missed imprints we could have had, if only WC had notified us.
  8. i'm getting so pee'd off with this login lock you wait for 15min so's you can transport something over to a different server and as soon as u go to jump you get login lock, then have to wait another 15 min to jump again cos all your stuff just got reset how bloody annoying
  9. actually i think it's smartbreeder that's playing up
  10. can someone explain to me how this is possible, as i have never ever seen this happen while breeding. You can see by pici that stamonly-father has 47=402.2dmg sofia-mother has 163=1084.3dmg and baby closer-baby has 149=1002dmg
  11. A rollback could be difficult as some players are still on, when the patch first came out you could get in. If you logged out and tried again you could not get back in.
  12. what is with ark all i'm getting is server Time Out while trying to connect too 192. also this, is this too replace login lock
  13. as this is last story map wouldn't it be a good idea to ban all imported dino's because ppl wait until the 3months is up then flood the server with good dino's surely making ppl make dino's on map will extend the life of ark
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