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  1. ty i drowned myself to get rid of the extra, i had already relogged too no effect very strange having 3 active ones never seen that bug before.
  2. how many implants does One need when i started ark this morning i found i had 2 implants, as the day progressed i now find i have 3 are they breeding?
  3. probably the only reason i noticed was because i'm on new server and all tools are primitive, where as all the other servers i play on i use either mc or asc which very rarely need repairing
  4. wow in all the time i've played i obviously never even thought of repairing on argy, so it's not a bug just ark being ark
  5. very strange must be bug i noticed something very strange today, while trying to repair metal tools on argy it states u must repair in smithy yet the argy is supposed to be smithy. You can make them on argy but you cannot repair them on argy? the repair is greyed out.
  6. wow fixed as of today i'll check that later, ty
  7. what happened to the bunny hop i noticed the bunny hop had gone, i thought u said it was going to be a permanant addition
  8. Server 192 is still dead after 56hrs As i understand thelilpanda has just came back from vacation surley he's not the only one managing the servers
  9. Ok. 1) Is your GPU memory overclocked at that is some serious artifacting. 2) Is you GPU core overclocked? 3) What are it's temps? 4) Do you have the latest drivers? If overclocked, clock to normal. If not overclocked try driver. If that don't work try underclocking. If temps to high, find a way to lower them And finally.. if none of the above, your GPU is probably failing.
  10. i can lvl my argy's to 7k and with 756 dmg but i thought he was talking about base weight, the advantage to argy is u can craft ascendent gear on not run outa slots or weight quetz cannot as it isn't half weight as argy is so basically i already have better than quetz.
  11. Server 192 is dead as u can see by screenshot the server is not offline it's dead, pllease find a living one for us.
  12. problem is reducing all the other stats to get 3k weight argy u would probably have to have an argy with 0 points in all other stats. i currently have 2k weight argys with 0 points in food and oxy and dmg has been reduced to be able to get an argy of lvl 376, no point to reducing stam because u have to put lvl's into stam whatever, the less u do the more lvled weight u get. I worked it out 9 points in health= 1022, 41 points stam=1220, 325 points weight =3k, 0 points in dmg with obviously 0 points in food and oxy. i really don't see the point.
  13. nope to crystal isle just naked char
  14. Server 192 is down 192 has now been down for over 18hrs please recitify problem asap
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