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  1. according to battlemetrix 192 is invalid could you please fix ticket has been sent
  2. I see 192 has been down all day, any chance somebody will fix it soon
  3. Am i ever going to get a responce from wc
  4. So is WC gonna contact me at all any time soon
  5. ty, hopefully somebody will sort this out as 3+ months is ridiculous.
  6. I've only had 1 e-mail. Congrats! You've won an Nvidia 3080 Founders Edition and an Elgato Stream Deck XL! Thank you very much for your participation in our Extra-Life charity stream! Before we can get you your prize, we will need to collect some additional information from you. Full Name Address City State Zip Country Phone Email Please respond to this email with the above information so we can get your prize sent out to you as soon as possible. Your details will be kept private and only used for the purpose of getting your sweet sweet loot to you! I responded to this with all my details and i've heard nothing since
  7. I've not recieved any e-mail concerning the stream deck or the graphics card
  8. Stream deck something entirly different, i really wanted the 3080 so i could upgrade from my 1080
  9. Recently came back from my 5 week stay in hospital, slipped over and broke my pelvis. i was expecting to come back and play my favorite game Ark and expecting my 3080 and stream deck XL that i won in the extralife but unfortunatly i still haven't recieved it, and i recieved no communication from wildcard except the initial e-mail requesting my address. I'm starting to feel like this was a con to get extra money for extralife. I know it was a great cause but u should honour the prizes you issued.
  10. 192 was invalid is now dead according to BattleMetrics. Please fix ASAP
  11. I know u must be busy with all the servers that are not up, but can u please fix 192 as it's now been down over 3 days
  12. I was hoping it had been fixed this morning but apparently not
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