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  1. Ark ruin everyone the same way they ruin me wiping all my dino and base and now no new map i play ark sin they come out now they make me stop playing rip my dino 961 ?????
  2. The update they made when people was dupe i never did that i was always clean on everything and all was breed by me they close the server and wipe it i lost my base and more then 300 dino this why i stop playing i play ark sin it came out and i lost everything cos some people cheating they wipe all the server
  3. Thanks to your guy's so many years wasting breeding and no sleep i lost everything when your guys wipe a server and lot of people don't have nothing to do for what others did thanks wild card
  4. I see the unicorn i though unicorn have wing's and they don't do nothing especial why they don't spawn alot when they are the same as aquus i think unicorn need a upgrade have wing's and do like yuti cos there horn is magical and shuld give buff
  5. Why people always complain about ark don't play official if you don't want to get wipe play pve and you be good but stop complaining they doing a good job always complain omg
  6. I can't even download it say not surpored when my phone is new Android lg plus
  7. Fix this lag in 263 we can't even log in all day dino are dying
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