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  1. Yakuzaboy

    screenshot Cyan !

    thank you everyone actually I'm selling clones of my reaper if anyone is interested
  2. Yakuzaboy

    Plant Z uses on PVE

    i love Plant Z is great for pranks
  3. Yakuzaboy

    Strats for setting up on abb?

    you can get pregnant on top of a drake all you have to do is find a raper munch it down until it gets to 2000hp or lower then turn off your light pet and shot it with narco arrows (the reaper will aggro you and get you pregnant that easy) and to get the 75 lvls for the baby just kill more reaper or do the hard way go kill spinos in the river)
  4. Yakuzaboy

    Rock drake - stealing eggs

    get a reaper thats the best way to get eggs !
  5. you guys giving any clues out where the new notes are going to be at?
  6. Yakuzaboy

    New Extinction Teasers!

    Cant wait!
  7. Yakuzaboy

    screenshot Cyan !

    Here are some pics of my cyan babies
  8. hello guys am looking for someone to take me into a beta or alpha dragon boss fight i will pay ! Pc Official