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  1. Do you mind show us your argent stats that have done alpha level?
  2. Killing Tuso and Leed is much easier than farming from salmon. I spent like 30 mins farming salmon only got 3 with asc sickle
  3. I did try to tame a 140 golem with rocket. It take 5 hits to K.O. and blow my metal trap, but TE start at 77.1% Next time I will try to knock it out with side cannon.
  4. Thank you guys, If I'd known this earlier I wouldn't killed 150 easter spino. T T
  5. Is it possible to/ if so how to reset it ?
  6. rocket still do torpor? and how much per rocket
  7. I have the same problem recently especially with 140 and 150 they always start with 89.x TE. But 145 always start at 99.x TE But I used to tamed a 140 with 99.x. I don't really know what cause it.
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