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  1. It's not just the one x this happensures on I have both the one x and the one s and does this on both consoles and happens with all my friends tht aye too its because the map isn't optimised and they just can't be bothered fixing it as usual typical wildcard god there are still bugs in the game tht were there on day one of beta tht they don't fix it's unreal wht they get away with not fixing.
  2. You can protect against ddossing conan exiles has its just tht wild card are too stingey to do the programing for it. Mind u the would probably F tht up too. Lol
  3. No problem hope it helps you. I know a lot of others have the same problem and this helped them. Just remember to use the command if your ever doing any big building projects or taming as this will save from point tht you use the command and if game crashes it takes it from point u saved I know it sounds a hastle to remember to do the command but I know it's better than loosing all progress and u will know tht it's saved as u will see in the right hand bottom corner tht it will say saving... ☺
  4. If it's single player they are playing take up console commands by pausing game and holding rb,lb and y, x . Then type in saveworld all one word then it saves the game from when you did it.only works on single player. Hope tht helps kids not loose there stuff again.
  5. Hi does anyone else have the problem on single player on extinction of the game crashing every 20 mins and losing progress I know about the save world command and it anoying having to remember to do it all the time. It's only extinction this happen all other maps are fine and when I'm on pvp servers it's the same only crashes on extinction map I run the one x so I know it's not that and my Internet connection is fine.any 1 know of anything I can tryou or is it just another one of them I have to w8 for wildcard to pull the finger out and fix it.
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