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  1. combi

    mosa stunning

    who doesent lol
  2. combi

    mosa stunning

    i hope they do a mosa tlc or just a lil update to make the mosa immune to stuns offs
  3. combi

    mosa stunning

    honestly i hate that mosas get stunnind be jellys and you get kickt off i would love to see the mosa have the same thing the tuso has not bein able to get kickt off your mosa everytime i use my mosa i need to swim 2 miles cause i get stunned off and my mosa runs away
  4. any1 got a big bird area i need storage for all flyers but quetzals (PS4 PVE)
  5. combi

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    i would like a giga reskin tbh
  6. i dont like the new argy its looks small and while on ground more like the vulture from ark. i may loved the old 1 more if its feathers just got updated and face i think it would of looked better