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  1. This is a marketing gimmick: to show something bad, anti-advertising in the spirit of cyberpunk teasers in reverse. This is done to make the product easier to enter the market.
  2. Yes we need ARK 2, but that trailer is part of marketers games. Which is awful.
  3. Yes, those are good. But other stuff is destructive.
  4. His "improvements" will turn the GLOBAL and HUGE ARK world into a local sandbox PVP mess. With the same attitude, we can go play Fortnite... His "improvements" will delete the survival and competition parts of the game. Yes, there will be still tribe fights but only until someone will win... Remember that feeling when you need to hide because that weird Italian tribe trying to reap your tribe like a ripe fruit? When you're hiding to get stronger, to get better in-game you doing risky, crazy things. Remember when the fear turns into confidence! That competition part when despite tech in
  5. After all of this, I'm feeling seriously awful. ARK is my favorite game that gave me thousands of hours of unforgettable experience. And now.. eh.. 2 months ago you shows us this... This is the spit in the ARK community's face. Yes, we need ARK 2. But that trailer is a turd breeded by marketers. Which is awful.
  6. That nordic map looks awesome! Hope we can see it in the main official servers branch!
  7. Stop breeding ubisoft managers, it's same stupidity as breed pulmonoscorpius. We don't want to see meshing, arab hackers, support that fueled by bots to make viev that is actually working, we don't want DLC's that will break the balance, we don't want to see retarded options like buy a ship (in atlas) and automatic lumbermills... gold for ships? Eh... I'm talking about Atlas too because it was a good game, it has a lot of curious mechanics like weapon system, archery, no weapon combat, grappling hook mechanics. The taming in Atlas, and it creatures.. it's awful. Do not repair things that d
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