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  1. this issue still exists for weeks... months... and we heard nothing from the DEVs except their new TLC sruff... please wildcard, please fix the game first! it should have the highest priority... what does a good game have it is buggy and broken and noone like to play on it cuz its broken and buggy, so please fix it asap.
  2. this is such an awesome game with so many things to do and the game got ruined by issues that happens in early acess alpha games... there are still heavy lags, exploiters, dupers, undermaping, game crashe and hard FPS breakdowns in this game. how can this happen?
  3. that cant be a solution to hide somewhere in little houses and avoid massive bases or players... this game is not optimized. they only add more and more things and never fix the gamebreaking things that steal the peoples fun. God dammit guys we talk here from an full price game + DLCs that is unplayable. thats not acceptable.
  4. game crashes when entering aberation boss, game crashes when using a tek teleporter into the watercave on ragnarok (lots of dinos in the cave)
  5. yes, what does mean more and more content when the main game is broken?
  6. i have heard that they already sitting on the next dlc or map
  7. same here game throws me several times a day back to dashboard (XBOXONE) when entering abbaration boss or using a teleporter on ragnarok to an other part/cave of the map where my dinos are, game isnt optimized enough for consoles, the game still lagging like hell when many things on point load and big laggs when people join the server. update game crashes now totally random when i play on servers...
  8. i have an xbox one too and my game keeps constanly crashing when: -want to use an teleporter (as sample on ragnarok down to the watercave) -moving to fast in my base (where all the creatures load in) -entering the rockwell bossfight on abberation (this is really unaceptable and annoying) i really like this game but the constant crashes and lags are really game breaking... it looks like the game isnt optimized for the xbox consoles (both) or its too much for the regular xboxone. remember you charge a full price for this game plus seasonpass and/or DLCs and the game have so many issues. it looks really unfinished to me. i really like the game but theese laggs and crashes really kill the fun.
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