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  1. Until 332.13 path, glitches were collected in three biomes, notes were not collected at all. after patch 332.13, I continued to collect glitches and collected the last notes without problems. Now I have collected all the notes on all the cards, and there are only errors that were not collected on the genesis 1 before the patch. As a result, I cannot complete the quest and get the +10 levels that I deserve. we kindly ask you to fix this bug My glich progress now: WHERE MY COMPLETED NOTES? FIX THIS PLS!
  2. This note is in the mesh, I cannot take it because it is killing me. This makes the note quest unfeasible on the official servers. it urgently needs to be fixed

    Beta Rockwell

    +10 lvls, no more engrams. exo-mek from gamma, from beta nothing
  4. This mission is almost impossible to complete. I saw a video on YouTube of how people were able to pass it, but they did not count the damage to the boat. I have already memorized the entire route and am going through it perfectly, but I do not have enough time. On our server, no one was able to pass this mission. Need to add time, we all want alpha rockwell !!!
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