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  1. I thought it was just us ?. Ya it's broken . Sad we have run out of things to do while waiting for gen. Now the one thing we have not done is broken.
  2. Official on metal platform . Going from ours out is where the issue is
  3. Boss fight on val Please wild card fix the manticore on the the Val fight. We can't take in flyers and the mana won't land we have lost over 50 Rex's and a boss spino hatched 15k health 1000 melee . Timed out mana won't land shotguns are not effective
  4. Teleporter The teleporter pad is eating our tames. I have lost an anky, Arhy, and ice wyv , transferring on the teleporter pad. My wife had an Argy that went under the map and has been bstuck in a teleporter y. All issues occur when transfer is initiated from our teleporter
  5. Wow fifteen minutes restart funny wc I can not get back on my server when I do get in I'm not really there once again my raised tames will be messed up didn't even get 15 minute Worthing I tried to cryo babies I got dced
  6. Can we get rid of cryopod timers on baby Dino's please. Raising Dino's is time consuming as it is, having 5 minutes between each baby is to much. We raise 5 to 15 babies at a time that's over 30 minutes of wait time. Maybe just make it where you can throw out all your Dino's on your own property, as it is the same issue after a boss fight. We need to heal Dino's up and have to spend all that time to throw them all out
  7. I'm not even getting the update and I cannot get into Val Once again this we just went through this a four-day can't login to Val and now we're doing it again not happy
  8. I have a wyv that I can not get out of cryo
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