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  1. Unable to transfer certain Dinos that should be transferable Bug: The dino(s) listed below are able to be uploaded but cannot be downloaded on another map as they appear grayed out, furthermore if you go back to the originating server and attempt to download them there then they also appear as grayed out and unable to be downloaded thus resulting in the dino expiring in the upload. Affected Cluster: PrimPlusCrossArk3 *Other clusters may also be affected* Below is a list of Dino's that are not able to be transferred to either a specific maps or any map within the cluster. *Note: The di
  2. @Jatheish @lilpanda Can we get a rollback for that and the rest of the NA PC cluster to right before the 307.56 patch. Much thanks
  3. @Jatheish Thanks for the fix, much appreciated. Sorry all this went down on your birthday What are the odds of rolling back the servers due to baby starvation etc, since most could not connect?
  4. I merely mentioned a color event to keep people distracted in-game and everyone starts yelling about rate events ?
  5. Servers are gone again/mod not loaded after 307.42 patch
  6. COVID-19 and Wildcard\ARK In light of the COVID-19, will there be anything in ARK to help people with social distancing? Perhaps a special color event or something to help encourage social distancing during this stressful situation? @Jatheish @Cedric
  7. One of the biggest problems I'm seeing is that almost the entire Prim+ community has this whole attitude of they will get to it when they get to it. This is the same kind of bull**** mentality that prevents progress on various things, across various subjects in real life. Prim+ is only a small fraction of the total player base in ARK, this is true. However with that being said, WE are still paying customers. We payed for a game in order to play an Official mode of the game same as the rest of the ARK community. Wildcard has a duty and responsibility as a company to make sure both the produ
  8. I would just like to see the server online again, they don't even show in the list. I'd play it as is, I just want my server back.....weeks of work JUST POOF!
  9. Nothing on the twitter about it at all.
  10. If you load the normal game you can connect via my survivors but everything is gone structure wise as far as prim+ structures
  11. Official Prim+ servers appear to not be loaded with the Primitive+ conversion mod. Via the Prim+ launcher you can't even see them. You can see them and you can connect to them from the normal game but all structures are missing. @Cedric HELP!
  12. All of Primitive+ is down.................................
  13. What is the status of Prim+ Servers? They are not showing in the list even after verifying files.
  14. Is Primitive Plus going to get Genesis? It did not get Extinction it seems nor did it get Scorched Earth would love for these to be added to the cluster or at least some of the dinos......GASBAGS especially since we don't get body bags.
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