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  1. every now and then I host a non-dedicated session for fun and for some reason when people join they spawn right on me, even if I am in my base or something. is there a setting I can toggle to stop this?
  2. Yeah I understand pillaring near your base but this one guy pillared an entire hill nowhere near his base along with building tek tier fences right around supply drop spawns so they enclose nothing but the supply drop, would that count as griefing?
  3. when reading through the code of conduct I am confused about the section on griefing, is it considered griefing if someone builds fences around supply drop areas intentionally to prevent people getting those supply drops or placing a single foundation and pillar many times over large portions of the map nowhere near their base? because I have encountered this before and was wondering if people are allowed to do it or if I can report them. sorry if this is the wrong category
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