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  1. NA GENTWO 972 PVE down for several hours and has been crashing every hour or couple of hours for days.
  2. Any News on fix for NA PVE Valguero 549 still not allowing people to transfer in/out??
  3. Survivor not a robot Hey been playing since Aberration. Not a robot just a forum lurker hoping to lift restrictions on forums to provide maximum amount of lurking available.
  4. I feel the same way I would like to browse all forums with out having to wait. I’m a major lurker
  5. Valguero549 no xfers in/out? Since around Genesis part 1 release I am unable to transfer my character back. And some of my tribe mates have been locked on the sever unable to transfer. I only get referred to put in a misc bug report when I put a ticket in. And tribe mates report similar Is anyone else having this issue or heard anything about it?
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