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  1. So use a rock drake. Use him to chose wich one u want to tame and knock off the others. While invisible they wont pick u off my friend (tek helmet helps finding them) . After they are on the ground chomp them and set urself a nice table for the one u choose. Lemme know
  2. Ghillie PLUS bug repelant. Just tried this and worked. First, let it grab me to start a taming bar. Struggle facing away to not hit it. Fall down parachute. At that point switch to full ghillie and use a bug repelant. Line up about 5 moshops and move away. Wait for it to feast. Remove ghillie and get closer. I forgot to let it grab me first so wasted a couple moshops and ended up ate 82%ish efficiency. Nooblets made a video with moshops but i would LOVE if it worked letting it kill you instead of tames. (Edited cuz nooblest vi
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