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  1. Raising a wyvern on x3 official? With the x3 special coming next week, I wondered the possibility of raising a wyvern without milk. It would only take 1 day and 7 hours for it to grow into a full adult. With a daeodon and a snow owl restoring health, what's the chances you reckon the thing would survive the day? A higher level would have a better chance at surviving due to higher health stats. But even then, would it be enough?
  2. Ark Genesis Release Dates I know Ark Genesis was originally supposed to be officially released in December 2019 and the second part was to follow in January 2020. However, to my understanding the release date was postponed. Does anyone know when it will now be released? As well as this, there has been little mention of the official servers for Genesis which leaves me wondering when they will come online. Any info on the subject will be much appreciated!!
  3. Best gift you've ever received? So I recently got back into the game and started up on a Valgero Pve official map. It always astonishes me how nice others are. In the week I've played, I've been given a set of flak armour (mastercraft), a bunch of exceptional kibble and a lvl 200 deinonychus. But yesterday was the best, I was randomly given 6 tek rexs, 4 of which are above lvl 250. So my question is, what's the best thing you have received for free from another player?
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