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  1. How do I get a response from tickets On my fourth server I've been wiped on several occasions. By dossing I put several tickets but get no response. Meanwhile the 255ping attack on arks servers continues. So I'm kinda baffled ark brings out new maps and dinos which is awesome but then someone 255ping attacking ark servers and your back to not being able to play. So basically HELP
  2. They should of known D dosers getting out of control due to corona and ark complaints to action is wayyyyyyyyy to slow. I know you cannot stop low life's from dossing and it's not wildcards fault. However what's stopping them from getting a notification saying 255ping. I've missed out on tames and gameplay and mostly missed event due to this. This isn't the first time it's gone on way to long and now It's out of control you say you report them they laugh and carry on. Then your trying to sub a ticket and it like navigating a mind field and response to action is slow. Please please please n
  3. 2019 Nov still no change So how long until action is taken against the meshing and duping. I'm in my 6th tribe since this started the rest gave up playing. We are currently getting meshed with duplicated meks all have been reported but they are using alt accounts. My tribe are in talks saying that if we loose this server then the tribe is quitting as its not the game that they paid for plus its not fun. Is there any way of getting a refund if this isn't getted sorted. If anything this teaches you not to buy games online and we should all stick to hard copies for easier refunds and trades.
  4. How do u survive duping Well after defending rag for 2month and putting in tickets we got wiped by alot of duped meks and squids. And as I've not seen or herd anything sorting this out my question is how do u survive this unbalanced fight. I don't want to get banned but all I can think of to stop getting wiped is 1 start duping to even the game out 2 block all spawn points 3 leave Dino on aggressive wondering. 4 hovering foundation to stop meshing. All these ideas are a instant ban so what can I do. If the guy who got caught on fortnight cheating can get a lifetime ban why the hell haven't
  5. Your getting tired of hearing wc aren't doing enough we are getting tired of having to raise issues. Like I said scorch earth still gets black triangles when a lightning storm hits like it did when it 1st came out 2 years ago. Still hasn't been address so don't give me your boo who poor wc rubbish. When duping started it got so ridiculous people went on you tube showing how it was done. They were practically begging wc to sort it doing half the leg work for them. Then it started again and credit to wc they shut obs down limiting damage. Then when sorted re opened. This time there has been no
  6. I just don't understand why such a slow to almost zero action to help I'd rather be saying positive things about the devs and there support for all but instead A lack of doing anything is as bad as the people meshing and duping. Suggestions have been made and ignored they prefer poison then a antidote. I thought as soon as duping came back they would shut transfers down like last time not permanently but for a while. All dinos have a code if there is more then one then they are duplicated. Yes cloning is a thing but a extra digit on cloning code for dinos would solve it. People are so confiden
  7. A simple kill zone under the map would stop meshing. Just like extinction has on top of the map. The devs should of just stopped transfers when duping started until something more permanent could b put in place. We've been getting hit all day by duped meks and duped gear. This isn't the game I paid for. You know if we could get our money back then wc would do something straight away.
  8. The truth I've been playing ark for 2 years I've been insided blue tagged wiped and meshed ive ticketed a few people a couple of times. I had one issue resolved the rest of the times like others I've been left high and dry. I wrote on here once suggesting that until this duping can be solved that stopping transferring or any action would b better then no action. For my veiw on this topic I was issued a warning. I know the truth hurts but it doesn't hurt as much as watching your hard work being destroyed by cheats. I feel for the devs and true ark players falling victim to these people.
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