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  1. qubertmoose

    Cant move or interact, then gets kicked(please halp)

    P.S. Its on Xbox one
  2. me and my friend were playing the center, i was flying and got bad lag, i assumed it was base lag so when i went to the ground it got worse and then crashed my game ( as sometimes on xbox it does) so i try to get back on, it loads fine and im in, its not laggy at all, but when i join lags the server. Plus you are unable to move, aim, do anything at all! in the matter to 2-3 mins it kicks you saying you timed out, my friend found the same location and its doing the same thing. If you could help us out this would be amazing, its making it so me and my friend couldnt play all day, plus have a big chance to get raided. Thank you for your time <3 ~Quinn please get back to me soon