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  1. I would suggest instead of bringing back classic fliers, to make all fliers have the ability to gain movement speed through breeding. Works great for the Owl
  2. You played for a day.......... and have the worst review of the map I have ever seen.. full of entitlement, and false accusations. Smdh
  3. You willing to foot the bill for more expensive servers than the already $100k plus they spend on them a month currently? No? Didn't think so..
  4. Maybe you should move to new servers or rent your own? It was stated very clearly that support for legacy servers would be stopped when new servers were added. Legacy will eventually all be gone. They're outdated hardware and full of dupped items and dinos.
  5. The point of the kib rework is eliminating the need for massive kibble farms. Those and too many tames cause more server issues than anything when people render in those bases it causes lag and rubberbanding that's frustrating to most players. It's also causing imprints to not finish due to this lag.
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