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  1. You willing to foot the bill for more expensive servers than the already $100k plus they spend on them a month currently? No? Didn't think so..
  2. Maybe you should move to new servers or rent your own? It was stated very clearly that support for legacy servers would be stopped when new servers were added. Legacy will eventually all be gone. They're outdated hardware and full of dupped items and dinos.
  3. The point of the kib rework is eliminating the need for massive kibble farms. Those and too many tames cause more server issues than anything when people render in those bases it causes lag and rubberbanding that's frustrating to most players. It's also causing imprints to not finish due to this lag.
  4. That's understandable, I also breed myself, but a lot don't cryo just to show off, and it's completely ridiculous. Want to show off, taxidermy..
  5. Actually, it's just plain ignorant to leave Dino's out. It's causes wayyyyyyyyyyy more issues for rendering and lag than mega structures. More people need to realize instead of thinking they're bad@$$ with all their crappy tames sitting everywhere hogging server resources. They seriously need to lower tribe tame count. 500 is just too many for one tribe to be allowed to have out at once. Make it 50-100. There's no need for more than that being out, at all.
  6. To keep structures down so server performance doesn't run like crap. Also why they added cryopods, Dino leashes, and SOON a kibble rework to eliminate massive kib farms. Start using the tools at your disposal now. It's the new generation of ARK unfolding and it's dang sure for the best. Having a crap load of tames out causes more server performance issues than anything. Tame animations, and rendering of them is what causes massive lag and rubber banding when people load into server or pass a major base. These issues reflect serverwide and too many don't realize it.
  7. The notes tells stories of past survivors. To many people want cutscenes anymore. The way the ark story is told leaves you wanting more ( if you actually pay attention to it and your surroundings) the maps, caves, and ruins actually do represents parts of the story. Outside of The Last Of Us this is one of the best stories I have come across, and I don't even know all of it yet. No one can tell me they didn't feel anything when they discovered what the Arks actually are.
  8. Lol, this same thing happened to me. Pulera and all. Lost my first drake this way
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