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  1. You are both right and not. You are right, that this could increase population of other servers. And this is for better! Most of ARK servers are very underloaded and have 0 popultion part of the day or even whole day. Many servers have 1-2 ppl most of the day. If some ppl will migrate from Gen2 to other servers - they wont be able to overload them all, instead, some servers will get better populated and will not look abandoned anymore.
  2. I suggest to add missions and mission bonuses to all map. Just one terminal per map would do it or just use Obelisks as mission terminals. This way we reduce the load on Gen2 servers, and, perhaps, this could make Gen2 playable and decrease players hate to missions, as most of the hate caused by lags and glitches. This would decrease advantage of Gen2 against all other maps and improve balance between maps. This would make other maps suitable for breeding.
  3. I used to love it so much. NOW I HATE IT! SOMEONE, TURN IT OFF!!! HEEELP!
  4. 963 Gen2 is down for over 4 hours reported 2 hours ago, still down
  5. Hello, I recently got Razer Blade 17 2022 Laptop with Windows 11. Game is starting and running. Graphics set to Epic. PROBLEM: Game crashes randomly every 2-3 hours of gameplay. Sometimes windows freeze and restart, sometime just close the game. Keep happening for days. In PC reliability chart I see "Hardware Error" with code "Live Kernel Event 117" which is What I have done so far: I have installed all windows update, latest GeForce Game Ready drivers, I have all latest laptop firmware. I set laptop to medium performance both CPI and GPU I made sure ventilation is open and I monitor temperature - max spikes of temperature are below 80C. I checked game files integrity - it is fine (usual two corrupted files). I fully removed and reinstalled whole game and all DLCs. Is that Windows 11 problem? Or hardawre problem? Or what? Should I return and replace the laptop (new and on warranty) or downgrade windows or what? really need help, please
  6. Egor

    Mutagen Locations

    more-less figured
  7. Egor

    Mutagen Locations

    Hello, I am hunting mutagen bulbs in Rockwel Gardens. I spent some time on single player to get some training and I guess I found most spawn locations. However, there are some spawn point which I can't figure - both single and official servers. Most likely experienced players know this "secret spot" and I would really appreciate if you advise/teach me about this spot location. May be not a spot, but some glitch or special approach ? I noticed some lag, when mutagel flower appears only after I already passed it, so now I am watching all directions, including backward. Still can't find this one spot. May be I also need to do something else? At some point new player logged to my server and very quickly picked it up. So, it is definitely possible to pick up. Unfortunately this person did not answer my quetisons.
  8. QUESTGION: how to reset carcha taming? Like start it over?
  9. Guys, I have tamed level 140 today. 93% eff. Two questions: 1 how do I apply Sanguine elixir on Carcha? 2 Why sometimes it eats killed baby but not progress in friendship? (1st phase) What do I do wrong? What I can possibly do wrong there why bringing her killed dino?
  10. dunno how to delete the post, accidently quoted myself
  11. I am on PVE. Taming Lo levels Carchas has perfect sense if you need females for breeding. Also, I tamed couple of males level below 60 just as training. Carcha tame is quick and easy, if you know how. Even on PVE. Majority of videos about carcha taming make very little sense. I would recommend these two videos. Second one half useful for PVE as is but providing a lot of good info
  12. And I found and tamed one level 65. Now researching how to simplify tame and increase performance. May be will try breeding them.
  13. Thanks, guys. Much appreciated.
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