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  1. yes EVERYTHING is off and on lowest it can possibly be
  2. EXTREMELY low FPS in most biomes on genesis I keep trying to play genesis but i cant because in every biome except the bog i get 15 fps and ive tried changing settings using different inis and everything but NOTHING helps and i cant get more than 15 fps. its unplayable and ive seen people with worse pcs than mine get more frames at higher settings in those biomes. has anyone found a fix or anything for this? ive tried fixes that work on ab but no luck just an unplayable map.
  3. No Gameplay volume??? i was messing with voicemeeter and then decided i was just going to go back to not using it. after i had closed voicemeeter and restarted my game i could hear menu music but no in game volume so like i cant hear anything unless i die then the music starts playing or if i leave and go to the menu i get music. ive tried reinstalling and removing all launch options but nothing is working someone please help.
  4. New season for classic the dead cluster that died out instantly but no new season of smalltribes which has been out like 4 times longer and people have been asking for wipes on?
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